WYWA: #AusWaits for the magic line to move, Internet calls for Rio games to be canned, Theresa May on path to next Brit PM

Approx Reading Time-10Morning! What happened while you were dozing? #AusWaits set to be turned in concert to raise awareness, Rio Games may be canned and the Brits are broke, but stoic.



Ballot counting resumes today, #AusWaits for Bob Geldof

It’s hard not to be cynical. Hard not to add yourself to the stream of vituperative scorn, because, if you can’t say anything positive…eh, screw it.

The Federal Election is the gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, that gift is underwear, and that underwear is preloved. I don’t blame the AEC for their fastidiousness, lord no, because the narrative fits the election. It just keeps dragging on. And on.

I’m a personal fan of the hashtag, a meaningless word or sentence to collectively butcher independent thought, so we can focus on the collective, and #AusWaits is a pearler. But I feel we can make it work for us.

Let’s not sit on our hands and/or bloody our knuckles on brick walls, let us use #AusWaits to raise awareness. Awareness that, we, Australia, are still waiting. Let’s get Geldof on the horn, he can organise us a well-meaning concert.

We can join hand in hand, watching the count not move, listening to Tom Waits(!) as we know we’ve made a difference through the transformative power of music, man. #AusWaits

Move the magic line already.



Rio Olympics may be cancelled due to rife chicanery

Hosting the Olympic Games is a great honour, and with that honour comes a great tradition. One where you finish everything in the last minute, under the scorching sun of men with stern faces and expensive clipboards.

Much like everyone in their uni days (admit it), the Brazilian Government are set to burn the candle at both ends, before setting the cauldron alight. However, we at TBS feel that it’s time that the Olympics tries something different. Something with a bit of edge about it, because we live in an edgy world. Zika, the suspension of the Brazilian drug testing agency by WADA, fiduciary strife, super bacteria. The Rio Games is set to have what those before have not. Who else wants to see the 100m run down the Copacabana strip in peak hour traffic?

Oh, and just a PS: Anna Meares will be our flagbearer come August 5


Theresa May opens lead over Andrea Leadsom for Brit PM, gazes felt elsewhere

Home Secretary Theresa May has cleared the first steeple in the grandest of Grand Nationals, leading the vote to represent the conservative party. However, eyes in the UK were set elsewhere, as the Pound fell to new 31-year lows, down more than 12 percent since the referendum.


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