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WYWA: After Chilcot Report, Blair says Iraq War 10/10 would do again, Messi, Pistorius sent to jail, famous man has short hair

Approx Reading Time-8What happened while you were asleep? Well, the Chilcot Report panned Blair going to Iraq, while Blair would go again, and justice was served. Sort of.




UK given F for Iraq in end-of-term Chilcot Report, world sez “duh”.

Hyperbole aside, the newly released investigation into the United Kingdom’s entry into the Iraqi War is rather prickly indeed, stating the obvious, but doing so on bound paper, which makes it legit. The report also included a series of mash notes sent from Blair to Dubya, stating that he would join hands with him in Iraq “With you, whatever”. O, young love.

Beyond proving the Bush/Blair tryst, the Chilcot Report unequivocally pointed out that there was a lack of a meaningful strategy, or too, a decent enough reason for entering the conflict alongside the United States in the first place.

So, what now? Will we see Tony Blair in the Hauge, compensation, or at the very least, an apology? Not so much, as the 2016 model Blair carried on with the rhetoric, claiming that he still believes that he did the right thing at the time, and 10/10, would do again.

Utilising the beneficial cynicism of hindsight:

Iraq -> ISIS -> Syria.


Notable sports people sentenced to jail. One goes, one does not.

I awoke in the sofa’ed lounge this morn, to be battered by headlines. One false, one not. People were going to jail. Quoth the headline, evermore. Anyhoo. The Blade Runner, Oscar Pistorius, will have to run his blades behind barbed wire after the judge garnished him a six-year sentence for the murder of Reva Steenkamp.

Strangely, the judge that sentenced him was the one who was unable to enact a lasting sentence in the first place. Moreover, the sentence itself was met with fists balled in vast frustration on the Internet:

Incidentally, footballing demigod Lionel Messi, the humble kid from the barrio, and all round nice guy, has also been sent to the Folsom. Will he serve 99 years underneath that ground? Well, of course not. Messi, and his father, Papi Messi, were found guilty of tax evasion, and will serve a 21 month suspended sentence in the most lavish prison that was ever built. The life of a man who earns $575,000 a week.

Al Capone would indeed be proud. Although he was more of a baseball fan. #Team

But let us close with some good news. For we all exist in a time where this is considered newsworthy:


Famous bloke still has short hair.

Happy days.


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