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Vikash Autar is a Dutch film director at ANYDOKO a travel video channel showcasing the best original travel series from across the globe. As a well-traveled citizen of the world, he loves creating content around interesting topics like the different global street food scenes and the less visited destinations by tourists.

Snack like the dutch: The best street food in Holland

Approx Reading Time-8Drugs, prostitution, tulips. The Dutch are known for many things. However, it is their street cuisine that reigns supreme.




Weed, tulips, museums and prostitutes are probably top of mind for most tourists when they think of The Netherlands. But most probably wouldn’t think of Dutch snack food! To be honest, Dutch cuisine is pretty unimaginative. It mainly consists of basic veggies and meat dishes that were created out of necessity during World War II (think of smashing together potatoes and veggies until it turns into pulp).

However, the Dutch have some of the best snack foods in the world.

We followed Dutchman Bob as he showed us the best of Dutch snack culture from raw herring (Dutch version of Sashimi), Stroopwafels, Patat with Mayonaise and Kroketten. It’s all in the latest episode of Hawker Style, ANYDOKO’s original travel videos series exploring the best street food across the globe.


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