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Approx Reading Time-8The term “fascist” is bandied around the world we walk in, and no-one is labelled the f-word more than Donald Trump. But does the label fit?




Fascist! The call unfurled toward whatever antagonistic force inhibits our daily lives. Be it the parking policeman-officer, Apple store employee or humbly talented barista who soy-led your crucial morning latte, the term once used to describe the worst that humanity has to offer (see: guy with moustache) has now morphed into something else entirely through common usage.

So, in 2016, the term Fascist means anything near, and nothing related to the tenets of fascism. Why am I splitting the hairs of a toupee here? Well, the next almost-please-lord-no-POTUS, Donald Trump, has been tarred with the brush of universally assumed fascism. However, his polarising (and some would say, backward,) political views may indeed have some merit in brandishing him with the term…but is he really a fascist?