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While you were asleep: US police slain, Turkish coup details, Han’s new face

Approx Reading Time-10Morning! What happened while you were catching z’s? More police were slain in the US, the Turkish coup got darker and we saw Han Solo’s new face.



Three police slain in Louisiana, Kasich powerless to stop the RNC bringing their guns to town.

This morning, the rusty scimitar of gun violence was again dragged across the spine of the US, as three police officers were slain in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

As far as we know…for the time being, not much is known. Apparently, the initial catalyst was a 911 call to respond to a “Suspicious looking man with an assault rifle” and, bitterly, it dipped from there.

The shooter, Gavin Long of Kansas, was claimed at the scene by the response of the law, but the police are not confirming that he acted alone.

Mr Long was apparently affiliated with the “New Freedom Group”, an anti-government collective.

Elsewhere, with the Republican National Committee due in Cleveland this week, the Chief of Police has called for a State of Emergency to be declared, to ensure that anyone in the crowd will not be carrying firearms, and remove the open carry laws that are in effect in that state. Ostensibly, so no-one is packing heat.

In response, Governor John Kasich said:

Dearie doo.


Further details emerge after Turkish coup, makes Tom Clancy blush.

As the social media blackout has lifted, details of the Turkish coup have become clearer. And frankly, we wish they weren’t. Befitting a 1980s actioner more than international diplomacy, we’ve seen mass detainment of dissidents (and apparently the innocent), the blocking of websites and fears of a second coup after 40-odd helicopters are apparently “missing”.

Combined with this, there are substantial reports of how American nukes are now at risk, and how Erdoğan himself was at the mercy of rebel jets as they tracked his plane at the height of the crisis.

Would make a rather decent page turner, but much like the books of Clancy, we’re unsure how much of it is true, and how much is mere social media rumour. However, it is clear that the true victims are those who perished, and those who peacefully oppose the Erdoğan government as the crackdown continues.


Han Solo has a new face, we’re unsure who it is.

Ohhhh. That guy. Ahead of the new Star Wars movie, a new Han Solo was needed, as (spoiler alert) the old one is dead. The new name on the rego papers of the Millennium Falcon is Alden Ehrenreich. Although it would still be registered to Han Solo, as the character owned it, not Harrison Ford #HanRegoedFirst.

Moving on. Ehrenreich, pictured on stage in this video, will be in the movie.

And finally, in light of today being the most fun day of the week. Here’s Matt Damon upset.

When the song you use for your alarm comes up as someone’s ringtone.

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