Approx Reading Time-8When Melania Trump faced the United States today at the RNC, she spoke beautifully. Problem is, they weren’t her words.




Inspiration is a tough thing to find. Think about it. If you, Melania Trump, were about to face the cauldron of Republicans – nay, the entire nation – to represent your husband for his presidential run, the pressure would tell, right?

Sometimes you just need a few words from a great public orator to drown those butterflies in your stomach, and to encase those jangled nerves in steel. Fortunately, Melania found her inspiration in Michelle Obama, one of the premiere lyrical poets to stand in the White House.

And why not? She’s rather good.

So, as Melania strode the top step of today’s Republican National Committee in Cleveland, she was ready. Ready to roll them in the aisles, and knock ’em dead. Just like Michelle would do.

Courtesy of the brains on Twitter, we have Melania’s speech today, in comparison with Michelle Obama’s 2008 address to the DNC.

Hey, if it ain’t broke…

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