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To those who support Sonia Kruger

Approx Reading Time-10While I respect your right to an opinion, if you hold the same generalisations that Sonia Kruger does, history will judge us unfavourably.




Sonia’s Kruger’s comments, which she barely retracted this morning, are both lazy and indicative of a growing uneducated social trend that if left unchecked, will be our undoing.

So, today, I want to try and get through to the people who agreed with Sonia’s comments. Now, before you write me an abusive comment, I already agree with you…yes, you are entitled to your opinion. However, freedom of speech does not mean a freedom from criticism. For that, you need to collect a special one-way bigot talisman.

Firstly, we need to acknowledge something: Sonia is not an authority on Islamic extremism. As far as I’m concerned, her comments regarding immigration are about the same as Corey Worthington commenting on Brexit; they don’t hold much weight. For those of you that aren’t informed, the generally agreed stance amongst academics and expert commentators alike is that Jihadists or Islamic extremists are a fraction of a minority of the Muslim faith. Consequently, you simply cannot blacklist an entire faith because of the actions of a few. It is nonsensical. I was baptised Catholic, a sect of Christianity, does that mean that you associate me with Mormonism? Strange as it may seem, no, I don’t believe that the Garden of Eden is in Missouri. To blame an entire faith for the actions of a deranged few is not only uneducated it is lazy. We can do so much better than this. Sonia can do so much better than this.

More importantly, by making comments like she has, she is catering to and engendering the fear mongering that is giving these extremist groups what they want. They want us divided, they want us to hate, to isolate, to imprison, to abuse. But every wrong we do to Muslims, gives the extremists license to say: “Look how they treat us.”

Why give them that fuel?

It’s like what my mum used to say to me: “Will, be the bigger person.” Personally, I think these guys have caused enough pain and suffering. Perhaps all of this is put more eloquently by Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai: “If your intention is to stop terrorism, do not try to blame the whole population of Muslims for it because it cannot stop terrorism. It will radicalise more terrorists.”

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In Australia, this goes deeper than combatting an alleged terror threat. The current climate of fear addresses our humanity. History will judge us for how we treat each other. It always has. We hold our mouths agape at the atrocities that one race or one religion has consistently and continuously wrought upon another: Palestinians, Israelites, Indigenous peoples of the globe, Jews, Georgians, Slovaks, you name it. From our pretty position on the timeline of history, we sit back and judge those who have done harshly unto others. And yet, we are, if not in the thick of things, precariously placed on the precipice. We are so close to botching this up. Yes, these people scare me but what scares me even more right now is the amount pro-racist stuff that I am reading and seeing and hearing. I mean for God’s sake, you-know-who was re-elected!

As ghastly as all this is, the wonderful thing is that we are the ones that can change it.

If you hear someone being racist or making sweeping generalisations about Muslims, correct them. Help them understand. Educate them. I cannot and will not believe that the amount of racism that I am seeing in Australia is as a result of an intrinsic hatred we have for other people. I just don’t think people know enough about what is happening. And so, as is the Australian way, we sit back and assume. Don’t be that person. Take the time; learn about Islam, extremists and immigration.

Talk about it with your friends. I am lucky enough to have a platform where I can hopefully influence change. But your circle will not listen to me as they will you. That is where the change starts, in passing conversation. Be it lunch, smoko, or board meeting.

Don’t be lazy with your thinking like Sonia Kruger. Do your own thinking before following the general assumptions. We are all better than that.


Will McMahon

Will is a lamentable law student at Monash University, Victoria. However, due to his short attention span, desire to study cross-continent and lifelong ambition to broadcast about Kim Kardashian between Ke$ha songs, Will is one half of the KIIS FM drive show Will and Woody.

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  1. stephen mccathie said:

    Waleed…………….why are you proud of being a Muslim?

    What is there to be proud of when there is a river of blood and guts coming from the Islamic camp due to Muslims murdering everyone..

    Waleed you dont fool me, because your defense of Islam is a defense for terrorism.

    Islam is a terrorist ideology Waleed…………………..(dont you know that?)

  2. Macman2 said:

    Could not have said it better myself. How many countries have to be ruined by extremists before we realise we need to take care who we invite to our wonderful country. The critics of Sonia and others will duck for cover and go “oh oh we were wrong” if they had their open door policy.

    I represent the middle Australia profile and everyone I know and meet whisper what Sonia said, looking over their shoulder in fear of being criticised. Not one of them are rednecks and not one disagrees with Sonia.

    Good on you Sonia.

  3. Maggie said:

    You’re might you nudism grade moron…

    Learn about Islam, as you suggest. Would and should lead you to the conclusion that Islam encourages gay mercy killings, female subordination and death to infidels.

    You said that we should educate those that didn’t understand, didn’t you.

    Oh…sorry, you just meant to educate THOSE people. I get it.

    No worries bloke. Sing kumbaya, dance around in a fairy circle and it will go away.

    Let me ask you the author a question. And give this serious thought and answer it in your minds eye…

    Q: if we all do what you say, play mute to any uprisings and fear and block debate on this issue DO YOU THINK THE PROBLEM WILL GO AWAY? That is to say, do you think Islamic fundamentalist terrorists will;

    A) persist with evil practices imminently?
    B) desist with evil practices imminently?
    C) tend over longer term to realise how wrong they have been and be educated to morality by leaders of their own faith?
    D) tend over the longer term to realise that they are right and they should continue to spread and encourage more evil wrongdoings?

    If there is an e, f and g…please – go nuts!

  4. Paul Horn said:

    So Islamic State throw Gays off buildings, stone adulterers to death, whip infidels (read Christians) and you here old son great Liberal paragon of the elite are going to tell me that I am wrong.
    I am happy to debate my racist intolerant views against your pro throwing gays off buildings, stoning adulterers to death, imprisoning Christians etc etc views any time of the day old matey.
    Just tell me where we can meet up and let the fireworks fly. Your slavish worship of all things multicultural and white cultural hatred make me sick to my guts.
    I am fed up to the hind teeth with folk like you!

  5. craig said:

    Just what I’ve been looking for, a lawyer with a short attention span. You are a stupid little boy will, wake up to yourself

  6. Annie Mac said:

    The writer of the above article has no idea of the ruthlessness of the Islamic ideology.I suggest that before he writes more and makes an even bigger fool of himself, that he read the Quran ,and if that is too hard for his narrow little mind, that he try Harry Richardson’s “The Story of Mohammed…Islam Unveiled”.It might be easier reading!

  7. Mark Hill said:

    Sonia is a very brave person in this day and age of being vilified for expressing the wrong opinion.
    Most of us know that there is a real risk of being sacked if we dare to express these opinions.

    I am sick of hearing that just for expressing these views we are somehow contributing to extremism. Muslims need to take responsibility for the rogue members of their community and stop expecting us to clean up the mess that is their religion.

  8. Frank Back said:

    Free speech is great but you better know what you are talking about.

    Try reading a great and honest resource on what Islam is achieving

    Then let me know why Sonia should not be concerned.
    Plus..Islam is not a RACE .it is an ideology that should cause real concerns for the planet.

  9. Rob said:

    When did labelling somebodies views as “lazy, uneducated, worthless, uninformed, deranged, pro-racist” not become bigoted?

    When was Catholicism regarded a “sect” of Christianity?

    When did Islam become a race?

    When did intolerance of views become more righteous than intolerance of knifings, suicide bombers, killing homosexuals, stoning, honour killings, beheading, genital mutilation, gang rape and child brides?

    When does saying “all of the muslim faith are not terrorists” excuse the fact that all terrorists are muslim?

    When did voicing an opinion become “extremism”?

  10. bob said:

    Well said. If we hold the same generalisations as the author of this article and the Sonia Kruger knockers appear to have, history will judge us as fools.

  11. isnogood said:

    Will, Will… What a perfect specimen of the PC (political correctness) generation you are. “If you hear someone being racist or making sweeping generalisations about Muslims, correct them…” Who are you to correct anyone?? A student with no life experience… Have a conversation with Sonia, bring some facts, some intelligent arguments to the table, and maybe then you will deserve a place to correct her or anyone else for that matter. Earn some respect first. Articles like this might make you popular among the teenagers, but maybe that’s all you’re aiming for?

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