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While you were asleep: Hanson on QandA, RNC kicks off, West v Swift

Approx Reading Time-10What time is it? Uhhh. What happened while you were asleep? Pauline refused a dinner offer, the RNC kicked off with nonsense and the Great War resumed hostilities.



Pauline rebukes dinner invitation on QandA, nation wrings hands.

The sound of collective feet driven into loungeroom floors was heard last night, with the appearance of Pauline Hanson on QandA. Sitting akimbo to Sam Dastyari, those who use QandA as a drinking game as well as an avenue for political discourse were surely willing the words “Halal Snack Pack” to pass through the lips of those on the panel.

But the main thing lost was not the nation’s faith in the democratic process, or too, the growing platform for the anti-Muslim Right, but the chance for dinner, as Pauline was flat out asked if she would accompany an audience member to his house, in the name of larger understanding.

To her credit, she didn’t flat out say no, but it did expose how one dimensional her views are, not to the audience (they/we know that), but sort-of-almost to herself, vis-à-vis her inability to form a cogent response.

Although, to be honest, the episode was also about what was not discussed:


Republican National Convention kicks off, in the truest sense.

Day one of the political dust up to settle on a Republican candidate has, predictably, turned into a dust up. Twenty Twitter minutes in, it’s all gone Pete Tong. The #NeverTrump movement immediately called for a roll call vote, which would essentially unbind the delegates (from the votes), to vote with their own conscience.

Chaos ensued. Oh, yelling over the top of everyone else to be heard, how wonderfully American. Combined with that, a top Trump(!) fundraiser pulled the pin soon thereafter.


West/West/Swift clash goes Verdun. Look it up.

In the important world of celeb geopolitics, the sabre of action has been flung downwards, unleashing violent conversational helllllll. Through the medium of Snapchat!

A quick refresher: Taylor Swift has always taken umbrage at the lyric from Kanye West’s song Famous: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous” – in reference to Kanye’s infamous stage interruption, and erstwhile props to Queen B.

However, it has recently arrived on our sensibilities, that that particular lyrical bomb was sanctioned by Swift. Cue grand nervous giggling, and a ground war based on bitchy Tweets, because of course.

Although, final words go to a non-combatant, a sensible fourth party, Selena Gomez.

And that was one of the strangest sentences I’ve ever typed.

Chin chin.


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