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While you were asleep: Waleed defends Sonia, Trump denies plagiarism, Making a Murderer returns

Approx Reading Time-8Cock-a-doodle-doo. What happened while you were asleep? Waleed Aly sided with Sonia Kruger, The Trump camp denies Melania’s plagiarism, and MaM is back!




Waleed defends Sonia, blames us

Fair enough really. Not the defence of Sonia, but rather the condemnation of the current Australian culture, as he put it, the “cycle of outrage”. The darling of the empathetic Left sided with Kruger’s fear for our future, whereupon the rage we feel when these views raise their heads, we lop them off, instead of trying to understand the brain within.

Ostensibly asking “Can’t we all just get along” with his plea to “send forgiveness viral”, it was a ballsy, but perhaps naive speech. Further understanding is a wonderful thing, and greatly needed in times such as these, but I don’t see it happening.

Outrage, as Aly pointed out goes viral, but I contend that the viral nature of the outrage is cathartic, albeit disposable. We cry foul and move on. The fear of the other was the primary point that Waleed raised, and I agree, but typing “Waleed Aly” into Twitter this morning has seen his words twisted and diluted already, their definitions adapting to our prejudices.

Oh well, move on.


Trump camp claims Melania Trump speech original, born yesterday.

Yesterday at the RNC, Melania Trump, let’s be honest here, lifted most of Michelle Obama’s speech. Which is fine, the art world is based on the borrowing of material, she was merely referencing it. All good.

However, the important thing when stealing material (and I should know) is that you mention who you’re referencing, i.e., I’m going the full Vonnegut. For further denial, is a Neddy No-no.

Which is exactly what the Trump camp fired over the wall this morning.

Campaign manager Paul Manafort said that “To think she would do something like that knowing how scrutinised her speech was going to be last night is just really absurd”, and called the criticism “crazy”.

Guys, its pretty close, eh.


Re-making a Mur-diddly-erdler.

Had to phonetically spell that. Anyway, the massively colossal Netflix series Making a Murderer is officially back. The new six-part series will be paroled into our custody rather shortly indeed, as production is underway.

The second series will continue with the case of Steven Avery, who was the murderer made most foul in the original series.


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