Approx Reading Time-8Well, we’re all dead. Fortunately, the aliens of the future still have our movies. What would an advanced species make of Toy Story 3?




Abject slavery of an entire species and the removal of individual will; horrors wrought by the cruel dead hands of a tyrant. The victims of this bloodless dictator ponder what value their lives have under such a bleak setting.

From such a pale past, the subjects then flee, seeking what they hope is a sanctuary, and thusly, a brighter future. However, the utopia they flee to is a much harsher social construct, and again the subjects must endure further hardship. The movie is, of course, Toy Story 3.

Well, that’s according to the advanced brains of the extraterrestrials who analyse the remnants of our shattered civilisation. Socialism, slavery, torture and the diminishment of self.

That’s what that movie was about, right?

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