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While you were asleep: Australians in London attack, Clint makes Trump’s day, end of clickbait


Approx Reading Time-8It’s Friday! Thank Christ. What happened while you were asleep? Australians were injured in London, Facebook clamped down on clickbait, and Clint made Trump’s day.




Australians among the injured in London knife attack, believed to not be motivated by terrorism.

Well, I suppose that’s a plus. Last night (our time) the streets of London were again defined by the language the violence. A 19-year-old Norweigan national, apparently beset by mental issues, randomly picked a scene – and too, a weapon – leaving five injured, and sadly, one dead.

New London Mayor Sadiq Khan trumpeted a very English bugle in stating that citizens should be vigilant but also remain calm. Which, incidentally, sounds very similar to our own oft castigated mantra of “be alert, but not alarmed”.

The Australians injured in the attack are believed to not be in any further danger, and the same goes for the streets of London, which now be lined with 600 extra bobbies in an effort to curb violence, and salve the nerves of those in it.


Facebook clamps down on clickbait…the #3 reason will shock you! (Sorry.)

There you go, I broke my clickbait virginity, and now I feel dirty. But not the good kind. Moving on. Those on planet Facebook (who fly it, not us) have decided we need saving from the claws of the vicious pointless hydra named clickbait. Save us, Zuckerberg! Ahhh!

Deciding what is best for us (because they know), Facebook has decided to toggle the newsfeed algorithms to filter out pieces that “withhold or distort” information.

Which means it’s a rainy day in California for all of us who are duped into clicking at our lowest, when we are lazy, intrigued and/or bored. How will we find out who Europe’s hottest politicians are now?


Clint Eastwood backs Trump with gruff racist undertones, wishes it was 1930.

Oh, Clint. Perhaps forgetting that he is not starring in a drama as a gruff protagonist who is stuck “in his ways” until being won over by the protagonist who is rather different to he, Eastwood has endorsed Trump because of good old fashion, home cooked, pre-Pearl Harbour, Jim Crow racism.

Just like America used to make.

To be fair to Eastwood, it’s easy to be misquoted in this outrage-first world, and thusly he may be a product of his time, and fair enough. Hang on.

I suppose the winner in all of this is Donald Trump, who would probably flip his hairpiece in celebration of Clint’s almost-endorsement.

Probably made his day.


Clint cares not for my punchline.


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