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Approx Reading Time-10Hellloooo! What happened while you were asleep? Well, the greyhound ban awkwardly passed, Trump sort of maybe called for Hillary’s assassination, and cynical news from rio! Ole!




Greyhound ban past the post in NSW Upper House, Labor unable to keep pace.

The first victory for Mike Baird’s monumental Kurt Russell (was the film, Executive Decision, really popular enough for us to do that? – Ed) to ban greyhound racing has been engraved into the trophy of racing history. At the precise time of stupid o’clock last evening, the ban passed through the NSW Upper House.

But, not without waves of vast opposition, which numbly ended with name-calling, because, politics. NSW Labor, who are opposed to the ban, attempted all, inclusive of the eponymous kitchen sink, attempting to tack amendments to the bill all the way to seeking a six-month delay of the ban.

However, as they might say (I’m unsure), the dog has bolted. Duncan Gay, the man with the most ornate chair in the Upper House loungeroom (Leader of the Government – Ed) has decreed, through gavel and assured nod: game over.

Mr Gay outlined an “assistance package” to those who will be hit hardest, saying “We recognise that people who are affected need to know what will be available to them so they can plan for the future,” before adding a three-month timeline from the point that the legislative lettering has dried.

However, beyond that, it all went a smidge…Springer. While speaking, Mr Gay labelled a detractor a “smart-arse”, before retracting it. Then adding, “Point is made, he is an idiot.” Well, in whichever fashion you get your school-night kicks.

It didn’t end there, Lord no. In what may indeed be a watershed in local government handbags, Robert Brown of the Shooters, Hunters and Fishers warned against the ban, claiming (and perhaps referencing Justin Timberlake) “Karma is real. What goes around comes around.”

But, for those who hadn’t left to avoid the awkward knife dragged down collective spines, Labor attempted to add an amendment to the bill that disavowed the selling of Crown land to private enterprise. That was defeated, of course, but, by the Greens, who claimed that that was just an excuse to reopen the tracks at a later date.

Hooray for politics!


Trump goes Trump, calls for Hillary Clinton to be clipped, if you believe it.

Trump, as the quickly cementing idiom goes, is gonna Trump. The man who essentially sweats controversy has indeed struck again. Or, has he? One of the most interesting things about Donald is not what he says, but rather what he doesn’t.

Trump – and let’s not chide him here, the man is a political genius for all that he’s achieved up to this point – has somehow re-educated the American voting public, using some sort of Pavlovian response, in which when he opens his mouth the nation barks.

That being said, at a rally in North Carolina, the newest model of the Trump Gaffe rolled off the production line. But, not with a bang, but rather a wink. If that. The wink, was implied, in a joke that was maybe a joke. There’s a lot of maybes here.

Speaking to the crowd, Trump said, “Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. But the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

The second amendment is the golden calf to the gun ownership set, and is the main pillar they shackle their vessel to. That being said, did Trump okay a hit on Hillary? I mean the comment itself is stupid, but the response is equally so. In a BBC report they referenced this:


CNN pulled a comment from Dan Rather, who, as it was mentioned, covered the JFK assassination, before republishing a Tweet from the daughter of Martin Luther King who condemned the remarks.

Trump. Stupid, yes. Dangerous, maybe. However, I contend that the response is equally dangerous. But, don’t listen to my waffling, the video is below, make your own mind up.


Rio update: Man kicks ball, earns nationalist pride, pool turns green, man with beard rides bike.

For those who claimed that the Olympics is boring, cobbled together by a mass of sports no-one cares about the other 206 weeks between Olympiads, they are just callous haters. But, we do not judge. These people just need to be re-educated. With that in mind, feast one’s jowls upon this!

Actually, sarcasm aside, as a man who is not a ginger but has a ginger beard, it’s wonderful to see someone represent our people.