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While you were asleep: Ausgrid deal off, Dutton refines comment, dab ruins Rio

Approx Reading Time-8Friday! Woo! What happened while you were asleep? Peter Dutton refined his “hype” comments, Ausgrid won’t be sold to the Chinese, and the dab descended on Rio.




Scott Morrison blocks the foreign sale of Ausgrid, claims national security at risk.

Well, this is a tricky one. Federal Treasurer, and victim of the worst millennial abbreviation in Australian Politics, ScoMo has stepped into the privatisation deal surrounding Ausgrid. NSW’s electrical provider was expected to fetch around $10b (that’s with a b) to either China’s largest state-owned company, The State Grid Corp or to HK billionaire Li Ka-Shing’s mob, Cheung Kong Infrastructure.

Now, what makes this switch shocking, is the current that runs through ScoMo’s upstairs circuit. Ever the transformer, he rejected the deal stating that the review board process “has not enabled us to identify suitable mitigations to protect against the national security issues in this case”. He declined, of course, to outline what those issues were exactly, because, national security.

In the final analysis, those on both particular sides of the argument are searching for answers. Those who oppose privatisation have chalked it up as a win, whereas those who seek trade with our regional power have coughed racist, where the government sits in the middle. Supporting privatisation in act, but not words.

NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian openly backed the decision of Scott Morrison, and mentioned the high interest in Ausgrid, which means that the cold hand of privatisation that some fear so, may have just retracted to the shadows momentarily.


Dutton refines “hype” comment on 7.30 Report, sort of.

The Left’s favourite antagonist, Peter Dutton, appeared in a cloud of vampiric smoke (to some) to clear up his comments on the Nauru papers on the ABC’s 7.30 Report. In hours previous, he had labelled the backlash as “hype”, cue further backlash. Nonetheless, Count Duttonular never drinks wine, and therefore never apologises.

What commenced from then on in was a clashing of craniums. To the above comment, The Guardian‘s NT correspondent responded by saying:

Dutton closed in saying: Bae, I want what you want too, but not at the cost of myself:


Rio Update! Americans seek gold in Tandem Dab, IOC lets phone ring off hook

Because Michael Phelps’ river of gold will not sate them, the Americans have decided to push for the inclusion of a new event. The Dab. ICYMI, the Dab is 2016’s remix of mustard gas. Toxic, gut churning, and it’s use in a crowd morally reprehensible.

But, alas it happened. Feast on the brutality.


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