Approx Reading Time-8We spoke to Michael Cullinan from Rapid Finance about the importance of transparency in the financial process, for both client and lender alike.




For those being introduced, can you explain the background around Rapid Finance’s history?

Rapid Finance specialised in Car, Home, Personal and Equipment Finance. I founded the company in 2001, and since then Rapid has helped countless Australians obtain finance.


What do you think is the biggest mistake that Australian’s make when applying for a car loan?

No honesty, and not providing accurate information. Everything is checked, so customers need to make sure they provide accurate details and credit/employment history.


What is the one piece of advice you would give to families financing a new car?

Research the appropriate vehicle and don’t get finance from the dealer, contact a broker.


And for first-timers, who may have a Hummer taste on a Honda budget – what would you suggest they consider when organising finance for their first car?

Find a practical car for budget and lifestyle.


As a company, what do you think Rapid Finance brings to the market that is unparalleled?

A large range of finance options with ad-ons that are not available through normal lending channels, such as banks or dealers.


What do you do on a daily basis to make sure you lead Rapid Finance into the direction it needs to go?

Innovation and product development for the benefit of the end customer, to make their life easier.


And finally, what advice would you give Australian entrepreneurs about building a platform that empowers borrowers?

Make it easy for the customer. Consumers also have access to a lot more information so make sure your staff are well trained and have the right tools to do their jobs.


Rapid Finance help find suitable car loans for all Australians, even those with bad credit. You can check them out here

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