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Current Affairs Wrap: Trump brings guns to town, the Census that never was

Approx Reading Time-10What a week it was. We saw Trump call for the assassination of Hillary (sort of), and the totalling of a nation went horribly awry. 


Sometimes not being involved is a victory in itself, which could be said of the week that passed us, with Donald Trump calling for the assassination of his political opposite, the emergence of an article which could have been etched in the middle ages, compounded with the lasting effects of the Census that never was.



This week marked yet another Trumpism, but this Trumpism echoed all that came before it, as what Trump says is almost as interesting as what he sort-of said. In this week’s political soup of the day, he sort of almost not really called for the literal actioning of the second amendment against Hillary Trump. The second amendment is the Elvis on constitutional rights for the pro-gun set, in which the bearing of arms is gospel. So, Trump said a very foolish thing.

Or did he? The proceeding is a standard question that those ask, those who have been following Trump on his grating path to the Oval Office. Whilst campaigning in North Carolina, the Trump, toeing to the local line, thumbed his toupee against the Clinton administration’s moves to push for gun control. Which, in itself, was nothing out of the ordinary, except for what was to arrive next. Trump said “Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. But the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Needless to say, the internet lost its shit. CNN wheeled out Dan Rather, who covered the JKF assassination who registered his disgust, and ditto the daughter of Martin Luther King, Bernice, who said:

Incidentally, the video of what Trump said is below, which is an easel to be coloured by the paintbrush of whatever you glean from it.

Meanwhile, in Rio, The Daily Beast has been excoriated in the world of opinion, after running an article which recounted a straight man’s pursuit of homosexual athletes in Rio through the medium of Grindr.

At the risk of vast editorialising here, I say, what the fuck.

The journalist, Nico Hines, endeavoured to seek the accessibilities of homosexual athletes in Rio to see if “the average joe could join the bacchanalia”. Soon abandoning the ‘normative’ hook-up apps of Tinder, he quickly shifted to Grindr, finding it “more of a success”.

There are vast problems here. From the blunt assumptions of homosexuality, namely finding them more promiscuous, before actively seeking out gay athletes, before outing them in a sea of easy-to-unpack anonymity. Hines, didn’t reveal names, but as outlined in a Slate article, the identities were easily exposed through the laziest of Google searches.

In response to the article, openly gay Olympian Gus Kenworth tweeted criticism, sighting that the piece “basically just outed a bunch of athletes…” The article has now been removed.



Hooley Dooley. This week on the calendar marked ‘Census week’. However, that week will forever be carved long into our psyche in the calligraphic handwriting of disappointment as the evening went very bad indeed. For those who were shanghaied into providing our information at the behest of fiduciary woe, it was a bittersweet moment of abject irritation/glee. While we were forced to fill in the e-form, we had no method to do so, as the server drowned underneath the failing fingers of our furious attention.

While that was irritation, the response was even more so, as David Kalisch (the largest banana at the Australian Bureau of Statistics), claimed that the outage was indeed a security measure, doing so for our own protection. They didn’t allow you to enter your information at the risk of it being stolen, by, and I’m quoting here, “a foreign hack”. Which, in turn, produced this express comment from the Government, which confused everyone further.


The Internet, however, did not accept this answer, as they answered in classic internet fare, with the barbed meme. As for the meaning or purpose of the hack, it has been lost in the ether, but the lessons from the galaxial clusterfork have also been lost, as the national laconically shrugged it’s way through a form some of us would lie our way through anyway.



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