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While you were asleep: Long Tan going ahead, Brazil meets Germany, QLD claim Thor “local”

Approx Reading Time-10Morn! What happened while you were asleep? Turnbull used diplomacy to secure Long Tan service, a chance for sporting revenge unfolds in Rio and QLD decided a fictional character was a ‘local’.




Turnbull secures late reversal to reversal of Long Tan memorial celebrations.

Today marks the 50th since the Battle of Long Tan, where a handful of Australia soldiers fought a Vietnamese force greater than their number. Last night, the Vietnamese Government decided that the honouring the battle on their soil was off, citing “deep sensitives” surrounding the event, and concerns about the effect on the community that live around the area. Looking strictly from their side of the bayonet, I can see the merit in that. In reply, the Australian Government claimed that they were planning a low-key affair, so cue the diplomacy.

Late last night, there was movement on the Vietnamese Gov’s decision, as PM Turnbull was able to ensure that the anniversary will continue, albeit with a limited capacity of 1,000.

It is worthy to note that while the affair may remain low-key in Vietnam, the B-52 Bomber flyover scheduled for Canberra this morning might be seen as a smidge insensitive.

I suppose the larger questions is, what is the morality in travelling to foreign countries to honour those fallen as part of an invasion force? Is there a problem with it? If so, it brings the larger double standard of picking and choosing memorials, in why should we allow Gallipoli and not Long Tan. A discussion for another day.

Suffice to say, anniversary or no, we need to honour those who fell fighting for the commonwealth. Lest we forget.


Brazil to meet Germany in Olympic Final, dredges up bad memories.

The streets of Rio and the boundaries of the Maracana will be painted in Revenge Blue and Neg Vibe Orange ahead of the men’s football final, as the opponent for the Gold Medal will be their vorthy adversary from the last World Cup. The Brazilians secured their place in final, as reported by Telegraph Football with the extremely misleading deity flavoured headline below:

Now, Neymar is the one on the right, wearing the number 10 shirt, which is bestowed on the shoulders the latest reincarnations of the original footballing demigod Pele, but that doesn’t make him Jesus. Which, incidentally, could be the be the bloke on the left, or the actual Jesus. As the line between football and religion is virtually non-existent in Brazil, where one can pray at the altar for your team’s success at the cost of a football shirt (which is absolutely true), who knows for sure.

Two things we do know, though.

A) The commentators that covered the match for 7 need to dial back the excitement levels:

and B) last time these two teams met, it didn’t go strictly well.

If you’re feeling particularly low this morning and require a heavy dose of schadenfreude for those frayed nerves, here’s the brutality in full.


Thor: Ragnarok set to start filming in Queensland, doubles as homecoming – according to Queensland

With yet another superhero sequel set to assault our date nights, we need someone to point the hammer at. Fortunately, we have the Queensland Resource Council, as they’ve taken to social media to claim that they’re solely responsible for the fabulously coiffed, buff Scandinavian bringer of Justice, Thor.

Alongside the army of disappointed Norse theology undergraduates, we too are asking “da fuq?”. Now, we’re all for big business and/or government officials trying to latch onto something trending to come off as cool – as it reminds the rest of us what “cool” actually is, which is to say, not them (for further reading, see: Whyalla Wipeout) – but come on now.

He may sport the bonce that screams “Goldie, brahhh” but he’s from Asgard, not Mount Isa. Duh. And btw, both places, let us be fair, don’t exist. But there’s a bigger issue here. The kids. Did the Queensland Resource Council think of the children before revealing the origins of Thor? Did they? Huh?

If Thor can punch a CGI character-actor in the middle of the face, does that make him a worthy career role model? Are the tweens of tomorrow now going to ask their parents for a shiny piece of blue metal come Chrimbo morn? Or get a school holiday job at Gina’s hole?

Riddle me this, kids: if Thor would become a FIFO miner, and slowly alienate his family whilst working in a post-boom economic environment, would you do it too?


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