Procrastination Bait: Boganmon, the Australian Pokemon Go parody

Approx Reading Time-8Well, it’s the Pokémon Go satire we’ve all been waiting for. Sort of. Feast your eyes on Boganmon. Gotta catch ’em all, I guess.




Finally. Something that accurately charts the untamed animals of our urban jungle. None of that bloody Tauros bull twang. Feast at the magnificence of Boganmon, a bare unchecked beast of indefatigable hunger, prone to appearing near your phone when you least desire it so.

Boganmon is the creation of the wizened crackpots over at Small Poppy, who were also good enough to fang Tony Abbott in with Pharrell Williams, before birthing this grating, sweet-lord-Jesus-it’s-true-isn’t-it, satirical stepchild that should be left on the doorstep of a Church. In the rain. On Christmas Eve.

One criticism, though, maybe it should have been called Pokémon Goey…?

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