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While you were asleep: Nation fails Census, NK gets Netflix, WA scrap fireworks

Approx Reading Time-10Friday! Yiew! What happened while you were asleep? Well, we are yet to complete the Census (yes, still), North Korea received Manbang and WA banned Aus Day fireworks.




Nation continues stalemate with ABS, one in three yet to fill out Census.

Oh, Australia. In the words of mid-90’s one-hit-wonder techno-impresarios The Shamen: “Naughty, naughty, very naughty, ha ha.”

For a Nation that stereotypically prides ourself on canonising mistakes (see: Gallipoli), we’ve kept a fine traditional going with the ’16 Census. Weeks after the governmental mix-up birthed collective apathy, it seems we’re sticking to our mantra of “eh”, with almost one in three yet to fill out the form.

So, yes, it’s rather childish, but I’m proud nonetheless. We all collectively made a decision to give it one go, and for extenuating circumstances we were not allowed to do so, so we’re sweet. And the fact that it still runs long, and the mail addressed to “The Resident” remains unopened brings a tear to my cynical eye. We, Australia, ignored the threat of astronomic fine, to ensure that our government has no idea what our country actually looks like.



North Korea releases their own version of Netflix, Western world awkwardly giggles.

Manbang. It’s called Manbang. Stop laughing. Needless to say, the Internet lost its collective excrement.

“Manbang” means everything in Korean, and in response, those eponymous burglars of our time, Netflix, have made the following statement:

Although, well done to the BBC who seemed to be the only news outlet who covered the launch, sans puns. Apparently Manbang has a staggering five channels, and despite the popularity of it, the BBC notes that most North Koreans have “no connectivity”. Techspert Kim Jong Min, who is the head of such matters in North Korea explained: “If a viewer wants to watch, for instance, an animal movie and sends a request to the equipment, it will show the relevant video to the viewer…this is two-way communications.”

Why, hello there, 1963. I thought you were dead.


WA Council scrap Australia Day fireworks, citing “cultural insensitivity”.

There will be no fireworks in Fremantle next Australia Day, with the Mayor of the town, Brad Pettitt, making the decision on the basis of cultural insensitivity, and will apparently organise a date independent of January 26. What celebrations we will actually see come the day is yet to be known. Such a move is sure to bring congratulations and division, as it already has over on the Twittersphere.

The question that remains is the same one that was left unanswered last Australia Day: should we celebrate such a day, or should we move the celebrations entirely? While the bungers may be packed away, the fireworks will surely recommence.


Champions League Group draw known, fingernails shorn in preparation.

Here ’tis. Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll talk to you Monday xx


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