Approx Reading Time-11With Father’s Day fast approaching, we’ve polled our writers to share their greatest memories of coffee with their dads and an offer from Vittoria Coffee in the best possible taste.


It’s only fair that Dad gets spoiled on at least one day a year, and this experience could be enhanced with a gift that enables him to spoil himself on every other day of the year.

Since 1958, Vittoria Coffee has been the cornerstone in building our national coffee culture in which we take such pride. Australia’s No. 1 pure coffee brand has provided both the irresistibly smooth taste and the momentum that has led to an Australian coffee culture which is internationally competitive.

This Father’s Day, no gift for Dad could possibly be in better taste than an Espressotoria coffee system from Vittoria, the icon of Australian coffee. You can bring him the coffee culture luxury of this system in his home all year round merely by purchasing six packs of coffee capsules at only $8.99 per pack as part of a generous Father’s Day bundle that those within The Big Smoke eco-system simply couldn’t resist.

A mummy blogger with a passion for sustainable living, an urban coffee snob, a 30-year-old city-dwelling-coffee-sipper and a suburban mum have made the choice for a cultural gift this Father’s Day. Will you?



Graeme Charles Kent

My family moved to Australia from England in 1976. We moved to a small town in regional NSW and my first exposure to coffee culture was seeing my dad order a cappuccino at the local Italian-run milk bar. It was a sight to behold. The tower of foam and chocolate sat on the counter as my dad showed me how the sugar would sit on the surface of the foam.

In the time between the sad drifting away of those milk bars and the emergence of our current coffee culture, the jar of instant coffee granules became a staple in our pantry. Combined with my family moving out into the bush, the simple poetry of the daily coffee lost some of its joy. Australia’s rekindled love affair with proper coffee has meant the great cafes and baristas in their small country towns have become quite the connoisseurs.

I’ll be giving my father an Espressotoria capsule coffee machine through this bundle offer, so that he can bring that simple joy of making a coffee for himself and his wife back into his own kitchen. I’d love to see him and my mum sit down over a coffee and talk, and believe me, after 51 years of marriage they still have things to talk about.



Kathryn Stedman

My parents have always been united on all issues except one. Mum drinks tea and my dad drinks coffee.

Who do I take after?

My Dad. One hundred percent. Dad and I agree tea just doesn’t cut it. Home to me smells like fresh coffee. It sounds like someone calling out “anyone want coffee?” It tastes like full bodied…sweet nectar of life. It’s shared as part of a morning ritual, as a key component of procrastination, to relax, and to grease the wheels of communication. Best of all it’s drunk together – on cold days, on sad days, on happy days and every day in between.

Because I’m a bit of an earth loving, sustainability supporting hippie, and I know that my Dad’s daily joy is coffee, I will definitely be giving him the Espressotoria pod coffee machine bundle offer because I love the way the pods are environmentally friendly (unlike other brands) and I know it is something he will love and use every day! It’s a win, win.


1 Hailee Walker

One of my favourite childhood memories is waking up early to the rich smell of fresh coffee being made. The aroma would weave its way from the kitchen and down the hallway letting me know that Dad was awake! I would sleepily join my dad for his morning coffee which would create a wonderful opportunity for the two of us to spend time together and strengthen our father and daughter bond. I can’t think of a better gift to give my Father on Fathers Day then the Espressotoria coffee system. Not only will my Dad love the new machine but it will help to keep these special traditions alive in our family.

Mathew Mackie

Another Father’s Day sits before me, which numbers fiteen since you’ve gone. As I grow older, I start to understand what loss means, as the gaps in our relationship are not filled by the memories I’m starting to forget.

I long to stretch those evening coffees we had, where you outlined the depth of your life mistakes, fiercely underpinned by your distrust of instant “sloppee”. So, this Fathers Day, I will raise the mug in honour of the men we both grew into, but never met, and know the older I grow, and the moments of us fade, that tempest will forever be kept in those cups that bound us.



Victoria India Cotman

Growing up, I was awoken every Saturday morning by the sound of music blasting from the study and the unmistakable aroma of coffee. I would groan, stumble downstairs to the majesty of Mozart or Van Morrison and shuffle into the kitchen where I’d find my father bopping away to whatever tune he’d picked out for the day.

That is the picture I most often see when I think of my Dad. Mozart, Van, gold packets of coffee grounds, a silver Atomic Otto hissing on the stove as it pours black coffee and Daddio bopping away.

He is the only man I know who can down an espresso and go right to sleep; who ordered double macchiatos by asking for a “little macchiato on top of a little macchiato”, until one day he was brought stacked cups. Coffee is his life-blood.

Now, my siblings and I have discovered that we, too, have the coffee gene. Like our father before us, our children will remember Saturday mornings filled with Bach and Blondie and the unmistakable aroma of coffee.


For this Father’s Day, buy him a cultural gift in the best possible taste. To receive a free Espressotoria Coffee Machine from Vittoria, simply purchase 6 packets of Vittoria coffee pods for $8.99 each. Amazing. You can check it out here!


1 x Capino Capsule Machine
2 x Vittoria Espresso Capsules
2 x Vittoria Mountain Grown Capsules
2 x Vittoria Oro Capsules

It’s only fair that Dad gets spoiled on at least one day a year, and this experience could be enhanced with a gift that enables him to spoil himself on every other day of the year.-2


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