While you were asleep: Credlin’s genius plot, lightning bolts reindeer, Gene Wilder RIP

Approx Reading Time-10Morning! What happened while you were asleep? Well, Peta Credlin got around the plebiscite deadlock, the Internet went wackadoo after a lightning bolt killed some ruminants, and meme Gene Wilder died at 83.


Peta Credlin reveals third option for marriage equality bill to pass.

As it stands, and as we all know by now, the same-sex marriage plebiscite is dead, and without the possibility of a parliamentary vote without it, it seems that the issue is too. Except perhaps maybe it isn’t. Riding into town on the pale horse of governmental knowledge, Peta Credlin offered a third option whilst conversing with Andrew Bolt last night:

Ostensibly, Credlin’s concept is that Labor could introduce a bill in the Senate, then have the extremely non-partisan House of Representatives duke it out. Essentially what is needed is three lower house MP’s to cross the floor, to get to the magic number, thereby the vote to legalise marriage equality would take place in the lower house.

What could make it work, however, is that Labor has a conscience vote on the issue and the Coalition does not bind its MPs to votes, it might just almost pass.

Nice work, Peta.


Lightning strike mysteriously kills 300 reindeer in Norway, Internet ratchets up the cray.

In the mountainous Norwegian plains of Hardangervidda (which is fun to type), tragedy struck in the form of a lightning bolt from above. While over three hundred reindeer were consigned to history in a moment, it was the manner of their dispatch that has goosed the Internet to travel to far places in order to grasp the meaning. And that’s “far” as in, “too far”.

From the vengeful hand of the lord, to a metaphor of the end of days in which we sit, to an accusation of Santa drinking and sleighing; it seems those on the Internet cared not for the most logical explanation, espoused by Kjartan Knutsen, a spokesman for the Norwegian Environment Agency, who told The Associated Press that reindeer tend to stay very close to each other in bad weather, which could explain how so many were killed at once. Thereby, the collected antlers doubled as a conduit for the electrical current, and j’accuse nobody.

However, the calm down, mate award of the whole fiasco goes to this bloke on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.09.36 PM

Personally, the vast amount of spelling errors in the message above makes me yearn for my own personal lightning bolt. It’s called a comma, bruh.


Meme Gene Wilder dead at 83, we get nothing. Good day, sir.

The face that launched a thousand identical memes, Gene Wilder, has left us. Sad day indeed. Wilder was a man who dabbled in murdering children under the guise of a captain of industry before finding lasting fame in a joke repeated to death. But, in death, the joke becomes him, and thusly, today we’ll all remember not the man, but the jokes we made that used his face to punchline them.



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