Approx Reading Time-10TBS spoke with the three friendos from FND Films about inspiration, and the importance of crazy.


FND Films is a Chicago-based production company formed by Aaron Fronk, Vinny DeGaetano, and Cooper Johnson. Together they produce comedy sketches, short films and feature films, as well as branded videos for companies such as Motorola, Taco Bell, KFC and more. Collectively their work has been viewed over 100 million times worldwide. Today FND continues their brand of sketch comedy online and is currently developing a feature film titled It’s All Good.


Hi, guys! Your YouTube clips are hilarious! If for whatever reason you could only save three, which three would you save?

Thank you! If I’d have to choose, it’d be:

Grundy the Meat Man

The Cheer Uppers

Magic Mentos


Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourselves, and how FND and FND’s YouTube channel came to be?

Vinny and myself (Aaron) grew up together in Ohio, and we spent our free time making movies and short sketches. We never thought we were starting a company at the time, it was just something we liked to do. This was before YouTube began, so we were sharing our movies over instant messenger with friends. But when we found YouTube, it became the obvious choice for us to showcase our movies in one place, where people could share links and comment. We continued making movies through college, which is where we met Cooper, and he joined the team. Since then we’ve split our time between large projects and freelance commercial work to help pay the bills.


What do you think is the main driver to people viewing your videos and subscribing to your channel?

I think people connect with our personalities. Often we’ll meet people who have seen our work and they’ll say, “This is crazy, I feel like I already know you!”. You start to realise how much of your life you’re sharing with the world.


What inspires FND when creating a new video concept?

Everything! We pull inspiration from anywhere we can. There are so many incredibly talented people in this industry creating original ideas: GoodNeighborStuff, Broad City, Eric Andre, Key and Peele, Tim and Eric, the list goes on forever. We use them as motivation to keep creating.


YouTubeFuture: What is in store for FND, down the track?

We have no idea. It could be sketches, a web series, a show, a feature. We’ve been developing ideas and bucketing them into each appropriate category and it is just so hard to choose right now. But whatever it is, it’ll be fun and ridiculous!


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