Approx Reading Time-11With our partners at Lifebroker, we look at the unique characteristics that make us identifiably Australian, and how that is putting us at risk.


We have a unique defiance in this country. The Aussie rebel streak almost seems to have infiltrated our genetic coding. We do things our way. And to Hell with those who dare tell us otherwise.

We know what we value in life and we live by these values. Worldwide, we are known for our characteristics which make us immediately identifiably Australian – both as people and as a country. Be it our laid-back attitude, our sharing and caring nature or our self-deprecating humour. We believe in celebrating individuality, in taking risks and chasing our dreams.

Australia is a farming country, a bush country, a beach country, and all things in between, with generosity as huge as our outback. It’s this happy go lucky optimism that often proves to be our biggest downfall, however. When hard times come, they come crushing down on us, with the things we cherish the most putting us at most risk.


Fortunately, these moments provide Australians with opportunities to reach out to the rest of the country to hoist us back up to sure-footedness, or, for those of us who’ve been more fortunate, to reach out with a helping hand to those in need.

Examples of this can be seen every Christmas, year in-year out, as our pride in being known as a bush country is challenged, with bushfires threatening homes and lives in every state and territory. Unable to fight the fires ourselves we offer clothes, food, bedding, mattresses and even safe places to stay to those who’ve lost their homes and possessions.

Following storms in June of this year which destroyed homes all over New South Wales, volunteers grouped together to provide cleanup to the small town of Picton, in NSW’s Macarthur Region, which was utterly devastated by the disaster, and looking further back to the beginning of 2011, we raised over $11 million in aid in response to the 2010/2011 Queensland floods.

In 2016 alone, the Cancer Council has funded $65.5 million in cancer research – essential, considering an estimated 46,880 people will die from cancer this year and we are a country known for our beautiful beaches and days spent with family under the sun.

We’re a nation of givers. Also a nation cynical toward planning for the future. Something as simple as income protection should be essential for anyone reliant upon their salary. Being underinsured and unable to work after losing your home is a heartbreaking outcome.

Consumers also heeded the distress call of Aussie milk farmers when only a few months ago the industry’s biggest milk buyers applied retrospective cuts to the price of milk, with our efforts spending a few cents extra on Australian milk brands attempting to stop these farmers from losing their businesses.

We band together in times of countrywide crisis. The risk with all of these things is how shortsighted we can be; our endearing, stubborn opposition to authority; our overconfidence in going it alone, not needing help from others; our unwillingness to prepare for rainy days, possibly because we’re so spoiled by sunny views, and warm BBQs and picnics, that we forget such rainy days exist.

We’re a nation of givers. Also a nation cynical toward preservation, protection, planning for the future. We postpone health and financial issues, often even deriding them despite the fact that, ironically, the majority of Australians will need help with both at one stage or another in our lifetimes.

Something as simple as income protection should be essential for anyone reliant upon their salary. And sadly, there were far too many reports claiming that people were severely injured trying to save their houses in the aforementioned bushfires. Being underinsured and unable to work after losing your home is a heartbreaking outcome.

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