Approx Reading Time-8The smoke has cleared and the long-awaited Beta for Battlefield 1 is upon us. So, what’s the good and bad of it? Well…


As we know, the youngest Battlefield instalment is set to be the oldest, as we zip back to the trenches of the original modern warfare, World War I, and let me just step back and kiss myself that this is actually real. As the CoD series goes balls-deep in fanciful futuristic rubbish, I’m glad that a) we’re finally going back, and b) it’s happening. The teaser trailers promised us much, concreting the battlements of hype, having us dreaming of Zeppelin raids and clearing a trench via gas and bayonet, and thus we’ve all had to check ourselves before the game’s actual release wrecks ourselves (expectation).

Saying that, the Beta truly looks fairly tits. Here’s hoping EA just improve on what’s been built, and don’t lose the plot entirely. As for what has been promised, and what has been delivered, I’ll let YouTuber jackfrags cut down the rumour from truth, and the good from the not so good…

A couple of personal criticisms.

1) Sniping feels really true, so I hope the full release isn’t just that. It would be cool, but certainly not Battlefield.

2) Needs more mustard gas.

Incidentally, if you’re late on the Beta and want to know what you actually get, check out this explainer:


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