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While you were asleep: Syrian toll totalled, Harambe McHarambeface hoax, Instagram’s new filter

Approx Reading Time-10Morning! What happened while you were resting your peepers? Well, a ceasefire was agreed upon in Syria, a Gorilla was not named Harambe McHarambeface, and Instagram got a sweary new filter.


Syrian Civil War reaches pale figure, 7-day ceasefire brokered.

With the UN envoy in hailing the landscape the 24 hours since the US/Russian-brokered ceasefire, noting a “significant drop in violence” it seems that finally, it might be time to rebuild, and count the cost.

While the effects of such a brutal conflict which dragged the country into the abyss can never be fully charted, an activist group has totalled the dead. Since the commencement of hostilities in March 2011, 301,781 have been slain in Syria, which includes the losses of both sides and civilians. The UN “stopped counting” in 2015. However, one could argue that those no longer with us could be comparatively lucky, as the bloodless hands of war have spread the remaining population far from their roots.

With allies from both sides backing this temporary peace, we cross our fingers that the hideous scar across the face of Syria will start to heal.


Chinese Gorilla not named Harambe McHarambeface, Internet rolls eyes.

Harambe. For fucksake. The legacy of the ape that launched a thousand memes, and presumably would be backed to the hilt if there was another remake of King Kong, has struck again, with a Gorilla in China named after him, using the suffix of Internet goosery, “Mc-Whatever-face”. Except it didn’t happen. Despite it being reported by many news agencies (even landing on our desk, but being rejected, because fuck that tired joke already), it turns out that there was no naming contest, and thusly no Gorilla named Harambe McHarambeface.

Which is a good thing. Really. As we’ve learned from the death of our childhood moggies, or when Kate Winslet made the decision to play the field at the end of Titanic, part of the grieving process is letting go.


Instagram rolls out anti-abuse filter, makes users list the words they’re trying to avoid hearing.

Everyone’s favourite photograph app/clip-art enthusiasts Instagram have rolled out a new feature which allows you to filter (thank you) inappropriate comments that may be hurled in your direction, which is great. Strange thing is, that you have to type in the words that you don’t want to see, as the screenshot below explains.


This is fine – but! – two things strike me. You’d have to be extremely creative or schooled in the dark art of self-flagellation to be able to think of every abusive comment that one might receive, and, with the avenue of regular criticism closed off, would the trolls then find another route, i.e. be more unhinged with their abuse? Is a smarter troll really something that the word needs? Huh, Instagram, huh?


And finally…

The Monday night (US) NFL game between the Rams and the 49ers (whatever animal that is) has been universally castigated as one of the worst games ever to abuse the timeslot. Something good did come out of that tepid cup of spilt testosterone, however, with a streaker hitting the pitch. What made it different, and therefore brilliant, was the call made by Kevin Harlan, the commentary demigod.



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