The philosophy of Kanye West: Avoiding death through improvement of the self

Approx Reading Time-10The chicanery of Kanye West is dangerously close to the teachings of a much-revered philosopher – so why don’t we treat Yeezy like one?


Kanye West. Sage to the shallow, saint to the superfluous, master of the materialists. It’s fair to say that he’s a bit of a goose. But, The Big Smoke contends, while it’s easy to dismiss Yeezy, the deeper lessons of Kanye deserved to be noted.

From his earnest warnings of the futility of life through his continued use of the theme of death, one can see a mirror to the teachings of another moody, oft criticised Philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, gaining the knowledge that despair over our own mortality is inevitable. However, whereas Kierkegaard leaned on the merit of the Notorious G.O.D. to prove a salve from death, Yeezy has no time for Jeezy, preferring to evade the threat of mortality by living in the moment.

As Wisecrack explains, Kanye’s philosophy – of becoming a ubiquitous uber celeb to avoid death entirely – transplants the Aesthetic, Ethical and Religious to the 21st century (albeit, in the case of Yeezus, with a pair of shoes named after him), so instead of rolling one’s eyes, assuming that Kanye can only tell you nothin’, well…



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