About Panaceas Pantry

Jade is an accredited naturopath and nutritionist, hobby food stylist and photographer, whole foods recipe developer and advocate, and one-half of the Panaceas pantry duo; a social media feed focused on both cooked and raw vegan recipes. Kathie is a passionate foodie, cafe manager, raw dessert creator, recipe developer & animal lover, who hopes to funnel her passions into a future whole-foods cafe. Together Jade and Kath run panaceas pantry, a rapidly growing Instagram feed that has allowed them to work closely with successful, compassionate and/or whole food companies including Loving Earth, Mayvers Food, Pana chocolate, Power superfoods, Animal Liberation, In The Soul Shine, and Lorna Jane. They have been invited to talk health and whole foods at various events, including World Vegan Day and the Wellness foodie’s expo, as well as present as guest judges at the Vegan Bake sale for charity. Their work has been featured in various prints including The Vegan Good Life, The Sunday Style Magazine, Nourish and Thrive. Last year their photography graced the front cover of the esteem Nourish magazine, in which they also won the best vegan feed in the Instagrammers of influence awards.

Approx Reading Time-10We spoke the culinary craniums of @panaceaspantry about the importance of an individual aesthetic and redefining the vegan menu. Unfiltered, of course.


Hi, guys! Your Instagram pics are fabulous. If for whatever reason you could only save three, which three would you save?

Thanks! We have a lot of fun creating them. It’s hard to pick just three, but we chose photos that we feel represent what we love doing, and what you’ll see a lot of throughout our Instagram. Firstly, a dessert – our raw, vegan Neapolitan ice cream cake (Jade’s daughter’s first birthday cake); secondly a smoothie bowl – a pineapple, raspberry and lemon bowl; lastly, our hugely popular raw pecan peanut butter frosted brownie.





Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourselves and how Panaceas Pantry came to be?

Kath: Panaceas Pantry was born almost two years ago. We have long wanted to start our own little café but with life getting in the way (as it does), we decided to start an Instagram page. We did this for a number of reasons but the main ones were to get creative, to join a community of people with the same interests and passions as our own, to network, and of course, most importantly, for the fun of it all. Two years on and it’s been a great ride, we’ve met more amazing people than we would’ve ever imagined, worked with amazing companies that we’ve loved long before Panaceas Pantry came to be, graced front covers of magazines – really, it’s all been pretty amazing!

Jade: Yeah, it’s been great. Health and whole foods have always been an interest of mine, long before I studied to become a Naturopath. After I became a mother I instantly knew parenting was my call and I wouldn’t be returning to the workforce anytime soon, and I needed something to keep active and creative while I stayed at home with my daughter. It’s been perfect, really. She is almost two now, so she is at the stage where she can help me with food styling (she loves adding toppings on a smoothie bowl!), and we have fun with it.


What do you think is the main driver to people coming to Panaceas Pantry daily and following you?

Kath: Since starting our Instagram we’ve gone through a few different phases. I guess at the start it was a bit of trial and error in finding our style and finding what kind of photography suited us. After we’d figured all that out, we really made a conscious effort to make our page tie in with itself, to create something that was specifically our style. I think that’s why people keep coming back to our page; we keep it relative, they know what they’re going to see, our style and photography, and hopefully, for our personalities too! Haha.

Jade: It’s like a mini artwork, the whole Insta thing, isn’t it? I know why I look at other feeds – I enjoy the colours they use, the moods, the emotions their photographs convey. I hope that is why people look at our work, too!


What is the main story you tell through Panaceas Pantry?

Kath: Hmm, I think our main focus and message is wholesome, nutritious, vegan food. We’ve both been vegan for a number of years, and love that we can help to spread the message about something we’re so passionate about.

Jade: Yes, as Kath said, it’s mostly about the food. I also try tell a story of gratitude and compassion, and encourage people to really be thankful for the simple things in life, because that is what is important to me, and really fuels my happiness. At the end of the day, it’s all we’ve got – if you’re able to sit down and be grateful for a simple meal, you’re on the right path.


What is the worst way for someone to try and get your attention through Instagram, and what is the best way?

Kath: We’ve been pretty lucky on our Instagram journey thus far; we’ve not really had many negative experiences that stick in our minds.

Jade: Honestly, I’m not sure that there is a bad way to get our attention. I know it can be hard, because we can be so busy, and it’s hard to see everyone’s comments or support. I’m always happy to hear feedback, and don’t mind if it’s positive or negative – it’s all harmless and we appreciate the support.