Vikash Autar

About Vikash Autar

Vikash Autar is a Dutch film director at ANYDOKO a travel video channel showcasing the best original travel series from across the globe. As a well-traveled citizen of the world, he loves creating content around interesting topics like the different global street food scenes and the less visited destinations by tourists.

Anydoko: Camping in Hong Kong

Approx Reading Time-10Camping and Hong Kong. Two vastly opposing environments that you’d never share the same space, right? Well, not so much.


Hong Kong, for those who have experienced it, is an electric rush of elbows, forced furious pace and marvellous food, won only by pushing to the front of the line. HK is a metropolis that rewards the alpha. It seemingly is not a place where one would pitch a tent in pursuit of sanctuary. But, you would be wrong. Follow AnyDoko’s Sarah as she finds an oasis in the sprawling metropolis that forbids the automobile in favour of your own two feet.



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