Surgical robot becomes self aware, demands corner office, payrise

Approx Reading Time-8They say it got smart, then really smart. News (sort of) out of the US explains how a med robot has a larger office than you.


A cutting edge surgical robot at the MAYO clinic in Minnesota has apparently become self-aware. The robot has been performing surgeries at the hospital for over two years. Reports indicate the robot became self-aware on August 29th, 2:14am.

“Our robot has luckily chosen not to be evil, but rather act like all the surgeons we have on staff,” explained administrator Harry Wicklow. “So far the robot has demanded a corner office, a huge salary and their own parking space. So pretty much in line with what his colleagues demand as well.”

The hospital is apparently in negotiations right now with the robot, with the one sticking point being the location of the office.

“They don’t want their office too close to the boiler room,” said Wicklow. “Apparently there is something about all the machinery in the room that makes the robot nervous.”

As of press time, the robot was eating alone in the cafeteria hopefully not plotting everyone’s demise.


This article was first published on The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.


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