Dear Senator Brandis: A quick note before your plebiscite negotiation

Approx Reading Time-8With George Brandis set to meet Mark Dreyfus to organise the terms of the plebiscite, one reader had something to get off his chest.


Dear Mr Brandis,

In reference to your upcoming meeting with the Hon Mark Dreyfus today as reported on ( – Ed.)

We both know, Senator, that this plebiscite has nothing to do with “people having their say” and everything to do with appeasing those within the LNP. I am writing this letter to encourage you to find a graceful way to make a parliamentary free vote happen, because I’m not sure whether you grasp what the results of a plebiscite will actually be – the worst impact of all, on your party. Especially for those from the party who know it to be wrong and embarrassing.

The LNP will completely lose the middle ground of people once the ultra-conservatives start beating their drums. Marriage equality will go through, and the people you’re trying to appease, those same ultra conservatives, will still blame Malcolm Turnbull, Dean Smith and yourself anyway. You could instead be helping Malcolm look like a leader and get surprising support from people you usually don’t. Everybody would win.

To have the possibility of equality bartered around as a political chip to those who have no interest in dealing, whilst hearing “If you want it, leave”, hurts. I don’t blame you for the words of others, but you are in a position to change things. My future is in your hands, and I believe them to be capable. Australia, at this juncture, longs for true leadership, and you have the opportunity to grasp it.

On a personal note, the job that I currently hold would be at risk if I were to put my name to this, hence me penning it anonymously, the consequences on a professional and personal basis far too great. Another disappointing microcosm of this plebiscite you are set to negotiate – a situation that I do not sit alone in.

As at one point politics was based on a noble truism, being for the people, by the people. All I, and many people like myself are asking, is for the same as everyone else.



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