SFW: Madonna goes naked in order to increase voter turnout

Approx Reading Time-8Yes, you read the headline correctly. In an already insane election, Madonna will be going naked to ensure people show up to vote.


I’m unsure if this blazing head cold is making too much of this, but Madonna, alongside Katy Perry, is getting naked to encourage US voters to turn up on election day. My fingers fail to adequately describe the confused look on my face. This election campaign has made little sense, crashing through the floor on a weekly basis, but surely this is the crinkled nadir. Nothing against Madonna, and as for celebrating body image I’m all for it – in fact, I’ll write the remainder of this piece sans pants to show my support to Madge (there we go), but I don’t see the political link between democracy, and getting the girls out.

The above, strangely, is an actual photoshop from the actual Madonna twitter.

It’s strange when we lead the world in logic, but down here in Australia, our voter turnout is pretty good. And yes, the inducement is a slap on the wrist, not peep at some reproductive organs. Not that I’m judging (#SupportMadge!), but the whole angle reminds me of one high school lunchtime, where we were told there was a nakey picture of one of the teachers (the hot one) in the boys’ toilets. We had a look, because of course we did, and our prize was getting our bag stolen, then roofed. So, similarities can be drawn, but I can hide behind the knowledge that I was 13 at the time, and solely constructed of hormones – there wasn’t a presidency riding on my boner.

Again. Pantsless. #SupportMadge.

I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t all this seem like a bit of an icky overshare? Why are you pantless whilst talking about a completely irrelevant topic? Yeah.

WTF, America.

I had a traipse down Facebook lane to assume that the general held view would be the one that I possessed. Well, not so much.


Source: Facebook


Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Perhaps this exactly the kind of stunt that the democratic campaign has been reduced to. As per the second of the three images above: where is the world going to?

There are two things that I fear will come as a result of this.

  1. the trends of America tend to wind their way down to us eventually (which would redefine the election day sausage sizzle), and
  2. the response from the Donald’s camp.

Donald, if you’re reading, feel free to not use any of these hashtags. Cheers.





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