Approx Reading Time-8The generally held view is that if Hillary beats the orange beast, then it will be all good in the proverbial hood. Vox says, not so much.


The 2016 Presidential Election is a lot of things. To many, it’s a spinning bingo wheel with no prizes on offer, just varying cuts of frozen disappointment. Well, we might think, Hillary will best the Don, and again sun will shine upon our shoulders, tralalala #politics. According the numbers, that’s probably not going to happen. As the American sporting aphorism goes, “numbers don’t lie”, and what they’re telling us is that the Dems are in about as much strife as the GOP helmed by the Trumpinator currently be.

Courtesy of the wizened statistical cretins over at Vox, the following explains how a lack of support on a state level will bring the Democrats down, eroding subtly until the next election, whereupon the GOP will have an easy target to run against. As a comparative rule, think of Obama running against the castigated GOP post-Bush. As for who that candidate may be, who knows, but the rule to glean from this is, assume the impossible.

*cough* Kanye.


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