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While you were asleep: Turnbull slips in Newspoll, Gina diversifies, Keep Sydney Open once more


Approx Reading Time-10Monday morning. You brute. What happened while you were asleep? Well, the ALP took the lead as the preferred party, Gina expanded her empire and Sydney once again took to the streets, to keep them open.


Latest Newspoll grows Labor’s lead, vague familiarities set it.

“How long have I been asleep?”, I wonder, crawling out of my cave, completing six months of hibernation. “It’s October,” I think, shaking off the vestiges of sleep. “Shouldn’t the election have been won by now? Why is the preferred poll leaning toward Labor, yet Malcolm is still the preferred PM, but his gap is shrinking? Did we choose not to vote? What is this fine in my letterbox?”

Brevity aside, there are many figures with which to measure out disappointment in our leaders, and on the parliamentary report card, Turnbull, M, is marked “see me after class”, our PM slipping in the circus siamese twin statistics of “dissatisfaction” (+4) and “satisfaction” (+1), which means…well, I have no idea whatsoever.

Shows promise, but needs to apply himself.


Queen Gina makes it rain, moves into agriculture.

Everyone’s favourite business tycoon (she’s not?) Gina Rinehart has “made it rain” as the kiddles say, securing the mammoth S. Kidman and Co cattle empire for – are you sitting down? – $365 Million dollars. Hancock (67%) and Shanghai CRED (33%) make up the bid, which is all pending approval of the fiduciary cock-blocker-in-chief, Treasurer Scott Morrison, who famously said “yeah-nah” to a Chinese-led offer back in May.


Keep Sydney Open protestors yet to leave, placard wit on display.

As the great reformer William Wallace once purported, they may take our nightlives, but they will never take our freedom! (to complain). In an issue that many figured was on the wane – thanks primarily to the attention span of my people, and the lockout laws holding true (despite the findings of an independent report suggesting otherwise) – the marginalised, and perhaps sober, social set have taken once more to the streets, to again complain through song, and wit etched upon cardboard.

The numbers of feet were measured in the thousands, as the organisers once again beat the drum of muted artistic impression, calling for the neck, testicles, or forced ejection of one Michael Baird. But, with the same rally, and the same message, can we expect change to arrive at long last? According to one news outlet, “Call us hopeless optimists, but if the movement can continue to carry this kind of momentum and organisation, something might just change.”


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