Approx Reading Time-8We spoke to Joe Tasker, the YouTube sketch comedian with a superb handling on the banality of our pointless, pointless lives.


Hi Joe, your YouTube videos are hilarious! If for whatever reason you could only save three, which three would you save?

LA House Tour – I drove across America with a friend this year and would love to save every single vlog, however, this particular one was the start of Vidicon and I was on Cloud Ninety.


The Band Audition – I’ve always wanted to be in a band…this reminds me never to chase that dream.


The Fittest man in The World – One of the very first videos I created for the YouTube channel. We just went out with no script and a small idea of this character that thinks he’s the “best” jogger.


Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how your YouTube channel came to be?

I’ve been an actor and presenter since I graduated from university a few years back. After presenting in the Caribbean for half a year (which was unreal), I felt I wanted to get back to making comedy videos all the time! I started a YouTube channel from scratch and thought I should try uploading a few videos to Facebook. Overnight it grew to a few thousand! I continued to upload onto Facebook and each week the biggest pages on Facebook wanted to share my content which was amazing…and still is! At the time I was focusing entirely on Facebook and not so much YouTube; I wanted to do both so I started to upload different content onto my channel!


What do you think is the main driver to people viewing your videos daily and subscribing to your channel?

I love to create original content that suits me with my sketches, for example If Earphones Could Work in Anything. I like to vlog my adventures that I believe people would actually want to watch (i.e., The USA Road trip vlog and premieres etc).


What inspires you when creating a new video concept?

Anything of comedy that makes me laugh! I love characters and I think my huge, silly face and expressions are one of the main focuses. Anything from physical Jim Carrey to awkward comedy makes me want to create something!


What is in store for down the track?

I’m talking to some other creators at the moment and working on some brilliant collaborations for the future! My book is available in three wee- actually, that isn’t happening quite yet but some possible short films may be appearing on the screens!


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