Norway PM greenlights workplace procrastination

Approx Reading Time-10Over in Norway, their PM was recently caught playing Pokemon Go in parliament. Which is fine, because it makes it ok for the rest of us.


In Norway, the land of Vikings and diddly all else, a foul wind blows through the corridors of power. Procrastination be thy name. From those who app on the office dollar should laconically doff our eyebrows toward the Norweigan PM Erna Solberg for making it ok to bludge at work, and inadvertently attaching her important name to support the anti-work, pro-procrastination movement (or lack thereof).

Now, our Erna has a bit of a problem. You could classify it as a bit of harmless addiction, a victimless faff, a lazy shirking of one’s responsibilities. Well, no. Unlike our lazy selves, we’re not the Premier of a Scandinavian country (thanks again, fate), and unlike the leaders in the common sense world of politics, such as the US for example, Erna openly admits she has a problem – therefore, no problem. In fact, she even went as far as admitting to her own Pokémon Go: a (tax-payer funded) Safari in the wilds of Slovakia, with security detail in tow.

It’s ridiculous. It certainly wouldn’t happen here. Our leaders are responsible. They’d never be seen, let’s just say, casually surfing (because what head of state surfs), before even more casually dropping in on someone, lord, no. It just wouldn’t happen. Not here, no.


But! Back to Erna. The sensible statement is, I suppose, that if she Pokémonz then why do we care? Well, two things: 1) she’s a reformed Candy Crush addict and therefore deserves our respect. Everyone lost someone to that brutal, life-sucking addiction, and earnest props to Erna for kicking it; and 2) we don’t.

The true lesson of Solberg’s shenanigans is what we can take from them. Her actions have since birthed a movement #WWED (which I just made up, and yes, that still counts), aka “What would Erna do?”, which is a question to be asked when the pangs of procrastination creep in, and the choice must be made between responsibilities, and not. For example, I’m writing this piece on the work toilet, as opposed to stacking the shelves as I’m paid to do, because:



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