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#OMNIXDIGITAL: The tech conference bringing the best minds together

Approx Reading Time-10Featuring the greatest minds in retail both online and physical, and the world’s first VR store experience, Sydney’s #OMNIXDIGITAL conference, from our partners at Clariden Global, is an opportunity for Australian retail execs not to be missed!


The ever-shifting retail climate has long cried out for a technological overhaul, one which solves the ground-level barriers, not just the surface-level complexities of e-commerce.

Interestingly though, many retailers from large multinationals to smaller brands have struggled to truly decipher the data required to keep up to date, let alone lead the pack.

The excessive onslaught of industry insights and changes we are frequently faced with is exhausting and can be overwhelming for even the most data-focused individual. The problem, however, can translate into such tunnel vision that it risks retail executives not meeting consumer expectations; and when that happens, then it doesn’t matter how great a product may be. The focus for so many years was around building iconic brands, so much so that many fell behind in focusing on the one factor that could make or break them – the journey of the customer.

The mistake many of us are making is that we are so bogged down with our own activities that we aren’t connecting with our industry in real life to reinforce the ties made in our online lives, and in this case, ensuring a stronger customer experience and a deep understanding of revolutionary technologies.

While trying to seek a more balanced approach to bricks and mortar as well as an online presence, I’ve found the best retail executives are those dedicated to the Omnichannel experience with a nimble and agile approach.

Focus on the important data is a critical component. It is becoming crucial for retailers to avoid solely focusing on their own data, but collectively understanding the unique challenges faced by the industry in general. Investing time as an industry and effectively exploring how an Omnichannel strategy works and how best to integrate such into their business is a must-do, not a should-do. It’s not enough to say the buzzwords, it’s everything to integrate the strategy seamlessly into operations while seeking the ever evolving changes to bridge the gap between in-store and online with new technologies.

In one week’s time, Sydney will become home to the Omnichannel Retail Experience & Digital Transformation conference, courtesy of the influential business leadership institution, Clariden Global. Clariden Global host major conference events around the world in nine countries, with a simple yet impactful mission “to provide global knowledge for world business leaders”. This conference is ultimately a forum for industry leaders to come together and truly help brands understand the best strategy in Omnichannel transformation, and a unique opportunity for Australian retail executives.

In the case of Clariden Global’s #OMNIXDIGITAL conference in Sydney, features will include the world’s first Virtual Reality store collaboration between Myer and eBay; panel discussions and keynote speakers empowering attendees to integrate digital effective human touch points; having speakers such as eBay’s Steve Brennan, co-founder of Aussie Farmers Direct, Jordan Muir, and Invigor Group’s Michael Stone, creating a smorgasbord of digital and transformative knowledge for those wanting to discern the data that matters and shape their path moving forward in such a competitive climate.

What I’ve found is that to truly navigate this rapidly shifting landscape, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the developing technologies that are changing our retail world. It is evident that being part of such a network is crucial to one’s pursuit of the next level of retail, and fundamental for progressive retail brands committed to leading the way.

You can still be a part of the important event in Sydney. Register now by going here.

Date: 26th-27th of October, 2016

Where: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Sydney Australia

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