Approx Reading Time-10The Big Smoke may be in the minority with our love of Amy Schumer’s biting comedic stylings. After 200 people walked out on her this week, Jess Scully asks, were they wrong to?


Amy Schumer is no stranger to upsetting people. It comes with the territory of being a standup comedian. I do, however, use the term “comedian” to describe Amy Schumer very loosely.

After getting her big break on Last Comic Standing (a show that I wish had been a big thing in Australia), Schumer appeared as a fresh face for the long-running Comedy Central roasts, during one in which she pointed out that Mike Tyson had a slutty lower back tattoo on his face – in my opinion probably the funniest thing she has ever said.

More recently she’s risen to fame with her sitcom, Inside Amy Schumer, and really started to come to the forefront of pop culture just ahead of Trainwreck, the movie she both wrote and starred in.

Her blend of comedy is probably best described as women’s answer to Dane Cook (as if anybody wants to win that prize), and being the female version of Dane Cook means that she talks about sleeping with lots of different men. What a time to be alive. She’s well within her rights to do this, and she definitely isn’t the first to, but for someone with all the resources at her fingertips, surely she could find some range to throw into her set. Come on Amz, I believe in you.

Alright, maybe she has a bit of range; she also makes ableist, racist and all round defamatory remarks which she handcrafts to involve a mention of her vagina and voila; there you have it, the recipe for a joke à la Schumer.

The audience were not impressed, with a large portion leaving the show immediately If you’re going to offend people, at least be funny about it.

In news completely unsurprising to me, this week Amy Schumer was performing to a crowd of people who got so heated over her remarks, that over 200 people walked out of the show, disgusted.

It was in Tampa, Florida on Sunday night that her set got political. She invited an audience member onstage and asked him why he supports the Republican candidate for the upcoming US election, Donald Trump. Dave, the audience member, was pretty quick with his reasoning. “Because I can’t trust Hillary”.

There could have been so many higher roads for Schumer to take that would have gotten bigger laughs, but she chose to respond to her audience member, who paid to see her I’m assuming, by calling Donald Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college starting monster.”


It’s not even a good insult, love. Are you a professional comedian or a bully in high school?

The audience were not impressed, many started to boo and get up from their seats with a large portion leaving the show immediately.

I have some advice for you, dearest A-Schu. Can I call you A-Schu? I’m going to anyway; deal with it. If you’re going to offend people, at least be funny about it. Even your mates at the roasts, who aren’t comedians, can do a better Donald Trump burn.

Snoop Dogg: “Donald says he wants to run for President and move on into the White House. Why not? It wouldn’t be the first time you pushed a black family out of their home.’

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: “I’ve seen pictures of your house, everything in the house is gold. Who the fuck decorated your house, Flavor Flav’s dentist?”

Side note: I would fricken love if Snoop Dogg had his own Comedy Central series.

Or maybe this whole thing was just a huge misunderstanding. Perhaps the patrons weren’t offended by her Trump comments at all. Maybe they left because they all realised at once they were watching Amy Schumer.

*Flavor Flav mic drop*

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