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Kayne Taylor

About Kayne Taylor

Thirteen going on Thirty. Burger addict. Voted for Kodos.

Approx Reading Time-8Welcome back to Burgers I’ve Burgled, the very public funeral of burger addict, Kayne Taylor, in which he walks us through the best burgers that killed him. RIP.


Hello, I’m Kayne. I’ve significantly shortened my lifespan to experience the towering depths of the burger capital’s board of fare, and yes, while my metabolism quavers at the punishment it has endured in the name of whatever it is that I’m trying to accomplish, I regret nothing. I’m a man of few words, and I feel I may need to lie down after this, because writing is taxing.

Here’s a Whitman’s sampler (90’s reference, drink) of what I’ve spent my paycheque on. Again, regret: nothing.


1) The Hanz Moleman (@BarLucaSydney)


What’s in it:

2x 200g Wagyu Pattie
American cheddar
Triple bacon
Nutella and chipotle mole
Westmont bread & butter pickles
+ Fried chicken, maple bacon, gravy and liquid cheese cone toppers


2) Hamburguesa (@BarrioCellar)


Whats in it:

Wagyu Beef
Streaky bacon
Pickled jalapeño
Chipotle mayo


3) The Double Royale w/Cheese x Wingman (@GoodTimeBurgers)


What’s in it:

Double wagyu pattie
Southern fried buttermilk chicken
Double American cheddar
Spanish onion
Good time burger special sauce
Topper with a Mac ‘n’ cheese bomb


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go die.


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