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Approx Reading Time-10Historically, disruption has occasioned our greatest advancements. Ever the constructive-interruptive, our partners at The Service Manager are revolutionising the field services industry, giving a welcome shakeup to the world of digital technology.


Disruption has built our society. Though it may seem surprising, it is the extraordinary disruption seen in history that has brought us the values we still stand for today. Our revered political values have often been built on violence, from the French Revolution of 1789 that beheaded the king and queen to give freedom and liberty to the people, to the bloody American Civil War that wouldn’t stand for slavery, to the fight against Nazism and anti-Semitism in WW2.

Disruption has made the personal political, from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy of 1972 that still blazons as a site of active protests against racial discrimination, to the fierce anti-war protests of the ’60s and ’70s that ended our government forcing men into war, to the suffragettes in the early 1900s who faced scorn and derision to give women the right to vote. Revolt in the arts has changed our minds and hearts, from Picasso’s expressive colours and fragmented forms, to the devil’s music Elvis sung, and to the intimate confessional literature of Plath. Though these are simplified accounts, these historical moments serve to proclaim that throughout time, disruption has challenged us, invigorated us, saved us.

Today’s climate is being constantly disrupted. We are in the throes of momentous cultural shifts that will be cemented in history. There can be two ways to see disruption. One is “interruption”, that which is adopted by society as a beneficial change. The other is “destruction”, that which is rejected. What of the rise of populist politics, Brexit, Trump? Or the #blacklivesmatter movement, hacktivism, the Arab Springs? Or ISIS and Islamic terrorism? Will these disruptions prove interruptive or destructive?

From systems science, we know that changes must be large and impactful to avoid the natural process of the social system self-correcting to its older and established ways. Effective disruptions throughout history have been loud, resilient to the system’s attempts to correct, adopted by large groups, and contagious – or, today, “viral”.

Today (thanks to the disruptions of the past), it is commercial businesses that have become a focal point of genius, creativity and revolution. Here we can see how constructive interruptions make huge changes to our cultural landscape and the fabric of our everyday lives. Our day-to-day has been changed for the better and old, stale systems have been replaced.

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Google has given us vast access to knowledge and information, Twitter and Facebook have given us social connections and instant access to world events, and the iPhone has given us the world in our pocket by collapsing technologies like watches, calculators, handheld gaming consoles and MP3 players into one. Uber has given consumers greater convenience and choice that the old taxi model can’t compete with, and Airbnb has confronted the giants of hostels and hotels. Although many have tried to “self-correct” society and quash these disruptions, it is clear the world has accepted them as beneficial interruptions. And of course, what all of these commercial disruptions have in common is the Internet, the most pervasive and accepted interruption of our age.

To understand just how interruptions benefit society we can look to TSM (The Services Manager), an interruptive force that has given us leading-edge software to make our businesses work better. By radically digitising and automating crucial management processes that are fiddly, tedious and time-consuming, TSM has made the day-to-day of field service management streamlined and more accurate.

A prime feature of the software is the ability to track on-screen the real-time progress of a project to which many separate operations are contributing, a bit like tracking the progress of the pizza delivery boy. This not only increases the efficiency of project management but also facilitates greater efficiency innovation.

TSM has also supplanted accounting and administration to give businesses integrated and streamlined processes related to such things as customer information, purchasing, staff schedules and asset management. This means that TSM has crucially given customers access to businesses that are more reliable, more available and more competitive. But ultimately, TSM has revolutionised the field services industry by freeing up time and mental energy to facilitate more cerebral activities, ingenuity and strategy.

Disruption has changed our society for the better. Throughout history, new and brave ideas have had the power to completely evolve how we live our lives. TSM has pioneered field services management technology and is a tremendous change to how we do business. And like the great disruptions of the past, TSM is a revolutionary force – a constructive interruptive.

The Service Manager is currently a partner to The Big Smoke and powers our Emporium Section.

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