Clinton campaign manager Tweet reveals cracks in facade

Approx Reading Time-10Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager took to Twitter for the first time last night to steel her voters, but may have achieved the opposite. Think the election is over? Nope.


With eleven days to go, and the global consensus assuming a smooth Clinton victory, overnight there has been a hint that things are not as peachy as they seem in Hillary’s camp. Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook has taken to Twitter to mention that:

Now take not just what was actually said, but also the conditions surrounding it. This is Mook’s first tweet. Of the entire election. His first message to communicate to the people of his candidate’s campaign, to trumpet the message that…it’s going to be close? It’s like your mum coming to you and asking what is the one thing you want for Christmas.

Just below the surface, the Clinton campaign is raging the klaxon red of battle stations, hence the last minute push on Twitter. That move is a strange one, as Trump has owned the Twittersphere, while Hillary’s campaign has stuck to pushing her copy-and-paste rhetoric, or re-Tweeting what she said during the debates. If Mook has discovered the true potential of Twitter (directed rhetoric personal, as Donald does) at this late stage, then the curtains could be spattered in an ugly shade of “uh-oh”. The proof is in the differing reach between the two Twitter campaigns, despite a near identical following (Trump: 12.7 million; Clinton 10 million), as shown below.

Same Tweet, different results:







17,200 vs 2,952 likes. In fact, Hillary’s most popular Tweet celebrated her own birthday, which reaped 75,000 likes, which Trump lazily overcame with two Tweets. Tweets which were nothing out of the usual-ordinary of Trump’s rhetoric:


The obvious question is, does a larger Twitter presence equate to more votes at the booth? Maybe, but keep in mind that Twitter is but one of many snakes on the head of the voting Medusa. Trump’s following elsewhere is gargantuan, especially on Reddit with the group /The_Donald currently sitting at 243,582 subscribers, but the numbers are one thing; the supplementary damage is to those assumptions that Hillary inherited the millennial vote from Bernie Sanders is the other.

Combine the above with the early voting figures emerging from Florida (with the projected votes in yellow), where Hillary supposedly has a strong advantage, and there could be trouble indeed:


Politics is a numbers game, but the numbers don’t add up somehow. To paraphrase the contemporary thinker Miss Clavel, “Something is not right”, as they obviously can’t both be winning. Perhaps Trump is correct when he warns us of the historic voter ground shift about to make itself heard.

Game on?


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