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“Slam, bam, thank you, ma’am”: Blow Your Own Trumpet – Part two

Approx Reading Time-8In episode two of web-comedy Blow Your Own Trumpet, Chloe selects a candidate to run against Trump (wait…what?) and turns to door-knocking to raise awareness for her cause.


So the old news is that America is all-consumed with the upcoming election. Newer old news is that while they’re eating their popcorn with front row seats in the heart of the mess… the rest of the world is in the back row quietly chewing our arm off with anxiety about the whole thing. The new news is: a timely, eight-episode political comedy web-series, Blow Your Own Trumpet, is shining a light on us poor, forgotten, panic-stricken people of the world.

Created by and starring our own little Aussie battler, Lucy GreenBlow Your Own Trumpet is designed to appeal to Australian and American audiences alike, striving to bring together two great countries at a time when we’re all maybe feeling a little isolated. It follows Chloe Anderson, a young ambitious Australian, who flies to America to try and save it from Donald Trump. While her dreams are unfathomably large and her goals a little naive…she is the embodiment of the international fears and experiences surrounding this clusterfudge of an election.

Chloe Anderson is everyone who feels powerless, driven to the tipping point and choosing to take absurd action. Kind of like Jess from New Girl, possessing the determination of Rocky Balboa, who thinks she’s Batman. Bare with me… she’s a little bit like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones in Season 1, thinking she has the power of Daenerys Targaryen in Season 7. But instead of a hot blonde with dragons, it’s a redhead with cameraman, but also, a dream.

With episodes being released right up until election day, you can follow Chloe’s whacky, uphill journey in search of a better world at, or through, the Blow Your Own Trumpet Facebook page, or over on the YouTubes.

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