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While you were asleep: Robb’s new job, Hillary’s new email, Baird’s bad joke


Approx Reading Time-10Morning. What happened while you were asleep? Well, Andrew Robb took a suspicious job, the Clinton email scandal took another turn, and Mike Baird tried his hand at comedy. Didn’t go well.


Andrew Robb takes job at Chinese company that was awarded Darwin Port, nation decides on whether to peg apples or oranges.

That sound you heard was something on the bugle. Former Trade Minister Andrew Robb has a new job. Well done Andrew, you might think, making small talk with him about it over the breakfast table. Who with? Your earnest, well-meaning smile slides off your face and settles near your feet. You see, as Trade Minister, Robb negotiated a series of free-trade agreements between China and Australia and supported the handover of Darwin Port to Chinese investors, securing a 99-year loan, to a company which he now works for.

Obviously, there are cries of conflicted bloody interest, and rightfully so, but even if he explains how the dots are not joined, in the court of public opinion, the gavel has already rung its sentence, as his Wikipedia has already been edited to reflect the national ire: “(Mr Robb has ) a proud tradition in Australian conservative politics of plunging their snouts firmly in the trough for the purposes of personal enrichment at the expense of the Australian voter”.


Number of Clinton emails number 650,000, only 35,000 turned over to bureau.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal this morning, the FBI have revealed that they knew of the existence of 650,000 emails related to the Clinton probe weeks prior to Friday’s announcement. Those familiar with the case said they had known about it since soon after New York FBI agents seized a computer related to their investigation into former Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner, who is alleged to have exchanged explicit messages with a 15-year-old girl. The laptop, which housed the emails was in use by both Clinton and Weiner.

While the FBI has had to await a court order to begin reviewing the emails, because they were uncovered in an unrelated probe of Mr. Weiner, they were able to disclose the existence of the emails to the upper echelon. But, for an unknown reason, didn’t. Whether this hints at a deliberate, inside move to stall, or just an innocent oversight, no-one can tell.

Clinton submitted 35,000 emails to the FBI in the original investigation, but with the emergence of this number, in the words of Pauline Hanson, someone will need to “please explain”.


Baird moves to remove graffiti which criticises him, brings more criticism.

A day that is surely circled on the calendar for a number of conflicting reasons, yesterday was “Graffiti Removal Day”, is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, lime on every wall. As the jaded kiddies say, yesterday Baird reached peak-Baird, standing in front of the famous Casino Mike mural which made light of himself. Baird’s move to meet cynicism with cynicism, as witnessed below, backfired:

We’ll let you fill in the rest.

Oh, Michael.


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