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Appliances Online: A great service return

Approx Reading Time-10You’d think “the best shopping experience in the world” should come from an international outfit…not a Sydney-based online appliance retailer, right? Yet this is what our partners at Appliances Online are delivering all day, every day.


It’s not unreasonable to assume that an organisation offering “the best shopping experience in the world” is located in London’s West End or Fifth Avenue New York, or is a leading fashion salon in Paris.

The claim in fact comes from the leading online appliance retailer located in Sydney, which is surprising only until you consider the logic that online success in a highly competitive market such as household appliances is only possible by delivering service of an exceptional standard.

Appliances Online assessed that they could only compete successfully with leading offline retailers like Harvey Norman and The Good Guys through impressing their customers with world class service.

They have built an impressive online retail business by at least matching their offline competition on price and quality but also surpassing them in service.

“The best shopping experience in the world” is not a corporate standard that is easily achieved or maintained. It requires an absolute commitment to ongoing training programmes, motivating staff to sustain standards and take pride in them, constant reviewing and renewing by management and an unflagging commitment by all employees to stay ahead of the game.

Appliances Online reasoned that attracting increasing numbers of customers to shop online requires a new dimension in service delivery. They had no illusions about the negative attitudes to purchasing items like washing machines and fridges online. To them it was just another problem to be solved.

Their customers come from all age groups and all social sectors. However they all share economic and time pressures and so appreciate a retail experience which offers value and convenience, is hassle free and delivers above expectations.

Appliances Online present their products online so effectively and comprehensively that the experience compares with instore exposure. They give a Best Price guarantee, a money back guarantee, next day free delivery, free connection of most products, pick-up of old appliances and new appliance packaging, a two-hour delivery window plus two progress updates.

They have a team of delivery personnel who pride themselves on being able to deliver anything anywhere.

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Managing “the best shopping experience in the world” requires absolute customer orientation. Every piece of customer feedback is rigorously followed up by the Customer Experience Team through customer contact and then fed into the ongoing process of review and renewal of corporate operational standards.

An expert team of customer consultants is available 24/7 to answer customer enquiries.

Appliances Online is one of the leaders in online shopping and qualifies for the modern definition of a “disruptive” market force.

They invest the money they don’t have to spend on shops in a superior standard of service to complement today’s lifestyles. They can point to almost four hundred thousand satisfied customers.

Of course it’s going to take time for shoppers to fully appreciate that instead of going to London, New York or Paris to experience “the best shopping experience in the world” you can sit back and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. But in this day and age that’s what a dose of disruption can do for you.

Check out Appliances Online  now to discover best prices and legendary service! 

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