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Kayne Taylor

About Kayne Taylor

Thirteen going on Thirty. Burger addict. Voted for Kodos.

Approx Reading Time-8Not that we condone this sort of behaviour, but welcome to part three of Burgers I’ve Burgled: one man’s search for love in a burger wrapper. Kayne loves burgers. They don’t love him back.


Guess who’s back. Back again. Hello, me here. If you’re returning to this segment, I’m surprised, humbled and suspicious. I would send you nudes, but…well let’s see where the night takes us. I’m compiling this list of burgers I’ve eaten because a) I want to leave something for the kids I don’t have and b) I forget what I’ve done.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Exhibit A was part one of my impulsive two-part back-to-back Bar Luca bender. I met the above saucy strumpet purely by accident. I was awaiting my arranged date for the night (beef) but I was stood up. Instead, this was my rebound – chicken karaage in burger form. Karaage is Japanese for some sort of delicious chicken, which is cooked in some fashion, seasoned in some sort of seasoning. Or something.


What’s in it?

Fried chicken
Bacon strips
Wasabi aioli
Pickled veg
Coriander and coral lettuce

Best of all, it was free. Free’d it and weep. Those fabulous legends. Although I missed my train on the way out, so that’s even, right?


This is part two of this horrible tale. Death, thy name is Blame Canada. I was foolish enough to lash this thing prior to me clocking on for work. I fear the epic meat sweats on my brow may have turned the customers to ask someone else. Double win. Although now I can no longer run without my arms hurting. Bless you, Bar Luca. Why are you trying to kill me?


What’s in it?

Wagyu beef pattie
Maple-glazed streaky bacon
Maple aioli


And finally, this. I put this here, because I don’t remember eating it. I remember it being a good day, before and during, but after, it was a bit of a blur. My notes read only “Bad Boy Baconater”, “@milkbar_cafeish” and “why I not been here befre (sic)”.

5/5 would blur again.


What’s in it?

2 x 150g beef and pork patty studded with bacon bits
Double American jack cheddar
Bacon jam
Artisan bacon
Red onion
Peanut butter
Smoked maple aioli


Well, that’s all from my impacted colon this week. As always, don’t envy me; I have a problem, and I don’t want your help.




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