While you were asleep: Turnbull’s 18C change, Kunis speaks out and Trump saved from sign

Approx Reading Time-10Monday morning, quel beast. What happened while you were asleep? Well, 18C is now in the hands of the PM, Mila Kunis spoke out against workplace sexism and Trump was saved. From some cardboard.


Turnbull open to changes to 18C, nation rolls eyes, but not in criticism.

In a topic that is “sensitive”, “harmful” and also “not a priority”, the PM has weighed into the 18c debate, confusing all and all of the sundry best. He is considering changes to the discrimination law, saying in an ABC24 interview that the Human Rights Commission was wasting everyone’s time handling the QUT (Queensland University of Technology) case wherein a student was asked to leave a computer lab because it was apparently for Indigenous students, cue some verbal jousting before landing at the feet of the HRC, which was ultimately thrown out.

As for what’s next, who knows. Expect a series of unofficial 18C breaches in the chat windows around the nation, in order to prove the value, nay Australian tradition, of being able to freely abuse our fellow citizenry. ‘Straya.


Mila Kunis speaks out against workplace sexism on husband’s website

“It’s 2016” is the prefix uttered to underpin the social change we should have, justified by the amount of sand passed through the hourglass. But, if 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t have anything except more of the same. Which is to say, less. Gender equality and gender bias are front and centre to this argument, with Hollywooder Mila Kunis penning an emotionally charged op-ed, citing that previously she tried to give people benefit of the doubt and overcome gender bias with optimism and faith that people were fundamentally sound, but she can’t stands no more.

A sample sits below, etched in SBS subtitle yellow:


Trump rushed off stage in Reno due to member in crowd brandishing dangerous weapon

The men in sunglasses, hiding darting, scanning, eagl’d eyes, leapt into quicksilver-trained action at Reno last night, shepherding Presidential candidate Donald Trump (still odd to type after all this time) backstage to protect him with their mortal, expendable bodies. They saved the Trump’s brain. One can only assume that there was a series of alpha high-fives, chorusing of “woo’s” and perhaps a few gave themselves to the adrenaline, and to each other – they saved the day.

Incidentally, the threat from Trump’s crowd was brandishing a sign, which you could classify as a deadly weapon but only if you were the one who held it. The sign read: “Republicans against Trump” – a good enough reason for a punch in the mouth in the landscape of political discourse in 2016, but also for the shameful Tinder/Grindr-bio-goldmine title of “Trump’s alleged assassin” – I’d swipe whatever for that.

For those of you playing at home, here’s bae:

However, we shouldn’t chide the important work of the Secret Service, as last time someone waved an odd thing near a President something very bad happened.



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