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Meet Joe and Luke. Sydney based food, travel and lifestyle bloggers with a serious case of famished wanderlust. We’re two guys. One Italian and one Greek. Sharing our love of food and travel from around the world. Our blog is our passion. Whether its fine dining, brunching, bar hopping, visiting the latest, trendiest or most popular travel destinations, searching for hidden culinary gems around the world or tucking into simple street food. We eat it. We travel there. We will blog about it.

Know who you’re Instagramming: Luke and Joe @2hungryguys

Approx Reading Time-8Luke and Joe, better known to their Instagram audience as @2hungryguys, talk with The Big Smoke about Sydney’s current food scene, how they manage being the go-to for best bites, and what they appreciate in a good meal.


Hi, guys! Your Instagram pics are fabulous. If for whatever reason you could only save three, which three would you save?

Picking only three is hard but I do love these ones. I never liked scallops until I had this dish. The other two are both feasts that were so good they’ve stuck with me, and they really accentuate the whole shared food movement Sydney is going through.





Can you please tell The Big Smoke readers a little bit about yourself and how @2hungryguys came to be?

Luke and I have been obsessed with food for as long as we can remember. Pretty much our whole weekends used to revolve around where we would eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, you name it, and if we were eating it, we were photographing it. Our food was usually what dominated our personal Instagrams so we became the go-to for our friends on where was best to eat around town. One of them suggested that we start an official page on our gluttonous escapades and from there, 2 Hungry Guys was born. Since then we have taken pride in showcasing the best Sydney has to offer. The hidden local gems, the ritzy restaurants and the trendiest offerings out there.


InstaMoments: What do you think is the main driver to people coming to @2hungryguys daily and following you?

I’d like to hope that it’s the mouth-watering content and the up-to-date news. We like to cover the most recent and trendy places. On top of that, we put a lot of work into finding those culinary gems, those holes in the wall that nobody knows about.


InstaStories: What is the main story you like to tell through @2hungryguys?

Basically, the story we like to tell through our images is to not discriminate on food. Whether it’s a fancy schmancy plate at a three-hatted restaurant or a simple dish from a cosy local, all food is great and should be appreciated.


InstaFans: What is the worst way for someone to try and get your attention on Instagram, and what is the best way?

Spamming us with hundreds of comments or messages asking us where to eat. The whole reason we started is so people have a guide to visually choose what sparks their hunger. On top of that, our opinion may differ from yours, so making the choice should always be yours. Remember, we just put the lust in your belly, it’s up to you to pick up the fork. The best way to get our attention: let us know what you thought of the place. We love feedback and so do the restaurants.


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