While you were asleep: NZ earthquake, Trump demonstrations continue, art meets floor

Approx Reading Time-10Monday morning. No-one likes you. What happened overnight? NZ was rocked by an earthquake, people walked against Trump and 300 years were lost to a selfie.


7.5 magnitude quake hits NZ, joke headline not forthcoming.

We often treat NZ like our younger brother, the arty one with a strange lisp. But if we’re honest, he’s actually cooler than us – hence the bullying. Moving on metaphoric waffle for a mo’, it’s all gone Pete Tong just outside of Christchurch with a 7.5 magnitude ‘quake.

As it stands, the country-wide tsunami warning has been mercifully lifted, with the NZ Herald reporting:

For all our NZ writers, and readers. Stay safe, sheeple.


Feet meet street to greet, beat the orange freak.

The Trumperine is facing some rather vituperative middle fingers from voters in the non-rustbelt, pro-Hillary states. Continuing on from last week, they’ve taken to the streets in Noo Yawk and LA.

The sheer numbers rallying in criticism of Trump are eye-opening. Fortunately, the demonstrations have not dipped to violence, because we know what happens when that happens (*cough* Kent State), but this fracture was best charted through the high of naive, wondrous ambition, by comedian Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live.


Vanity strikes: Selfie-seeking tourist destroys 18th-century sculpture.

Don’t selfie, kids. Not even once. Over in Portugal, a Brazilian tourist has wobbled into a statue which similarly wobbled, over, and subsequently met the floor. And as we’ve learned in our kidult lives, the floor is a cruel beast. This whole disrespecting art for the ‘Gram movement is spreading, with a kid taking a no-no nap on (admittedly bed-shelf looking) work of Donald Judd, to someone taking to surgery on a statue in Milan. But know this, kiddies: double-digit likes on your art-fie doesn’t make you an artist.

So it goes in Portugal as this:


…became this:

As the centuries-old work was ended by a colonial visitor, in the words of a bystander: “…there was a great silence”.


The top five Tweets from overnight.


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