While you were asleep: Bad supermoon rises, Price drop on outrage, Manus deal info

Approx Reading Time-10Morning! What happened while you were asleep? The supermoon thrilled some, Steve Price stopped Project petition and immigration returned to our conversational shores.


Supermoon stuns nation, cynicism infrastructure handles uptick in disappointment.

Last night I stood with bae, on the decking rimmed with duck shit, our necks craned upwards, looking at that large lunar plate. We waited in silence for a moment, not in awe but rather waiting to see which of us would break the vibe of wonderment first and point out the obvious: the supermoon, bless it, wasn’t an impossibly chiseled journalist (nor a bird, or a plane! – Ed), it was just the normal variety. We soon went back inside and continued our argument about splitting responsibility. Same old Monday night.

Fortunately, some characters over on Twitter were able to catch what we missed out, and the results are gorgeous. Truly a once in a lifetime moment.


Petition circles to get The Project to apologise to Steve Price, Price says “yeahnah”.

I actually feel a teensy bit bad for Steven. Not for whether he was or wasn’t bullied on The Project last week, but rather for having the populace sign a petition to seek an apology on his behalf – incorrectly interpreted by many as Price not being able to hack it. Worthy to note: he never sought an apology, it was merely (some of) the public’s reaction to the segment, but I suppose Steve Price is an easy target, what with his rap sheet of disagreeing with people in the past.

Last night, he let vinyl spin and dropped the needle on the hit tune “Set it Straight”:

All that spitting outrage, and thousandfold Internet skirmishes for nought.


Nation suspicious of further Manus/Nauru deal information, old arguments anew on QandA.

The US-led solution to Manus/Nauru has been met with pursed lips and a raise eyebrow. Suspicion was the case that they gave me. Over on the sweaty argument pit named Twitter, which I’m naming the Blunderdome (what, it’s early – just laugh, once), further evidence of the unfeeling nature of the Coalition’s deal – though I’m unsure if this is legitimate or really on-point satire:

The immigration question was one of the pointiest last night on QandA, as Kate Ellis claimed that the resettlement should bring an end to indefinite detention, whereas Barnaby Joyce disagreed with her completely, flatly stating that “They can’t come here.”

Anyone else feeling the neg vibes of familiarity?


The top five #AusPol Tweets from overnight.



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