While you were asleep: Turnbull’s ire Triggered, Dylan too busy for Nobel, “post-truth” word of the year

Approx Reading Time-10Sweet, merciful Thursday. What happened while you were asleep? Well Gillian Triggs won’t be getting her job back, Bob Dylan won’t show up to accept his prize and “post-truth” became the word of the year.


Gillian’s HRC contact set to not be renewed, supporters Triggered

Well, fork. In fairly stern English, “I think in the end, people create a rod for their own backs”, a loose metaphor from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull gave no real reason as to why Gillian Triggs’ contract with the HRC will not be renewed. I’m unsure what he’s totally on about there, but much like degradation of a relationship, it was always going to happen. The Triggsanomic approach of differing with the government, calling them “uneducated and ill-informed”, and earlier in the year calling for the release of all children in detention, was only ever doing to direct Triggs into this dire cul-de-sac.

We’ll miss you, Gillian.

Moving forward, the Turnbull Government will have to source a replacement. As for the official insider pick at TBS Towers, there is but one man who has a record peerless enough to steer the Human Rights Comission back to the searing light of not criticising this government:


…I know. But we were right about Trump.


Bob Dylan further flicks the finger toward the Nobel people, “too busy” to collect prize

Those who have been humiliated by the “cool kid” know exactly what the Nobel Prize committee are going through right now. They lent their shiny golden bike to someone who has no interest in riding it, and now the cool kid won’t tell them when he’s coming around their house to bring it back or tell everyone where he got it from. Cue the shame, the pointed fingers, the laughing and the pitiful regret for having tried so hard in the first place to try and be what you’re not.

You know what, I think you’re cool, Nobel Prize committee, because you’re uncool. And next term, please just do what you do. It’s not glamorous honouring people that no-one has heard of outside their field, but that’s what the Nobel Prize is all about. Real people doing real things, and not honouring someone who belted out indecipherable barbs forty years ago.


“Post-truth” named Oxford word of the year, followed by “Orwellian”

Not really. Although I’ve heard the O-word far too many times this year. And also “vomit”. Good year. Much in the tradition of Orwell, they’ve taken a word and removed the meaning behind it. Officially the term chosen by the Oxford Dictionary folk stateth:

Orwellian, right?

Yeah. Doubleplus good.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go play chess against myself.


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