While you were asleep: Merkel runs again, Kanye leaves abruptly, Trump won’t harm us

Approx Reading Time-10Morning fudgin’ morning. Oh joy. What happened while you were asleep? Well, The Merkelator will be back, Kanye had an early night, and Deloitte claim 99 problems but Trump not one.


Merkel announces run for fourth term, Europe shifts Rightward as a response

Oh, Europe. The populist Right-wing fad has crossed the Atlantic, for what started with the Brexit, may indeed be the #Frexit if far-Right French Presidential hopeful Marine LePen finds her way into power. Meanwhile the EU is forcing the UK into a “hard Brexit”, which is the geopolitical equivalent of when your partner asks you to move out by throwing all your clothes on the driveway.

Essentially, according to The Guardian, the EU “will refuse to grant the UK access to the single market unless London agrees to sign up to its rules, including free movement of people, capital, services and labour.” With increased growth of uncertainty, Germany’s (pro-EU) leader Angela Merkel will pursue a fourth term. Merkel, who represents a pole in the quicksilver tide of populism, may end up a political martyr banging a drum that no-one wants to hear, but nevertheless the rest of the world needs Merkel to Merkel.


Kanye doesn’t care for anybody, ditches show in twenty minutes

The problem with paying money to see a religious icon, is that they tend to run on their own watch. I’d imagine Noah’s Ark was a pop-up, as was the resurrection of Jesus, which I’d image was a “tickets at the (cave) door” kind of deal. Only those in the inner circle of Jerusalem’s hip scene knew it was going on. With that long-drawn bow skewering the pages of history, know the Kanye has struck again.

For those of you who may have missed out on tickets for his Sacramento show, here’s a quick recap:


Deloitte find that Trump is “very unlikely” to effect our economy, nation exhales in disappointment

Shame, really. For a nation who loves fitting in more than anything (so much so that we print bumper stickers to that effect), the report from Deloitte, a leading budget predictor (fun fun), claiming the Don will have little to no impact on our Fed Budget should make us a sad panda. N’ermind. While this means less of The Orange One in our cook-ook-ie jar, we do have problems of our own.

Chris Richardson, who authored the report, stated that two thirds of the national coffers came via taxes from wages, which is indeed a pickle. Why?

“Just last week we heard a new record low for wage growth in Australia, job growth has faded as well,” Mr Richardson said.

“They aren’t keeping up with the budget forecasts for them.

“It looks like this year and probably the next few years thereafter we will fall shy of the budget forecasts.”

Hmm. Don’t want to lose the plot here, but it might be time to ask Uncle Donald for a loaner.


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