While you were asleep: Lewis Hamilton drives slow, Trudeau killed on Internet, Crowded House condemned

Approx Reading Time-10Monday morning. Oh, Joy. What happened while you were asleep? Well Lewis Hamilton behaved badly, Justin Trudeau was killed online and Crowded House says goodbye. Again.


Hooray for Monday.

Before we dip into the realms of trending cynicism, and the mucky goo of bloodied newsworthy detritus, I’d just like to say something: as a great man and social thinker, Bobby McFerrin, once pointed out: “We’ll all be dead soon, and forgotten about completely, so don’t fret”.

Here’s a dog with a piece of pizza it can’t possibly eat to illustrate my point:


Be like the dog.


Nico Rosberg wins F1 World Championship, Lewis Hamilton wins collected ire.

Formula One in two hundred words or less to the uneducated goes like this: Lewis Hamilton is a plank. The man can drive fast, but he can destroy your respect as quickly as he earns it, by behaving like a child. In the last race of the Grand Prix of the year, the equation was simple. Hamilton could win the championship by Rosberg finishing lower than third.

What transpired was silly buggers, namely with Hamilton driving slow enough to allow the pack to try and catch his teammate:

For what it’s worth, the nice German man won, and asked for permission to celebrate. Bless.


2016 claims latest victim, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

The unstoppable killing machine “2016” has struck again. Today we farewell Justin Trudeau…….’s credibility. See!? We can do misleading click bait too! Blergh. I feel so dirty. Anyway, the Internet turned on the Canadian PM (and previously invincible bae of our political wet dreams) as they read aloud his official statement re: the passing of Fidel Castro.

Needless to say, well it did not go, and RIP Trudeau, ash to ash, dust to dust, fade to blaeeacck. Hyeah!

The sticking point, as shocking as it may be, seems to have become a minute detail. Yes, Castro was not democratically elected, but compared to who he replaced, the man is a hero. Unless you happen to be a invested in US Casinos, or balls-deep in racketeering.

Let me wind back the clock some 60-odd years. Things were not good. Fulgencio Batista was a dictator, but not a nice let’s help the plebs dictator like old mate, more a line the pockets, golden telephone kind of dictator, which kept the local populace poor af. Yes, they both kept their people poor and spoke the language of violence, but in the works of Walter Sobchak: “at least it’s an ethos”.

Batista kept the communists out, by letting the mafia in, and dipping to massive corruption, all the while changing the minds of his political opposites by way of a bullet to the head. Fun times to be a regular Cuban.

For further learning, please consult this documentary on the Batista reign:


Crowded House vacate collective building, out the front of the place they said goodbye before.

Crowded House are true genius, especially the sensibly coiffed, velveteen’d pipes of Neilford Finn. But whilst everything must come to an end, fortunately, whoever formed that truism didn’t set a required number of farewells. Last night, in front of the Sydney Opera House, Crowded House marked themselves for the wrecking ball. Again.

Suffice to say, it went well. Everyone loves Crowded House, as the steps of the Opera House were painted in the hues of nostalgia and vast collective appreciation. I remember sitting aghast with jealous angst over their original farewell, the halcyon snapshot of a band I so admired, but knew nothing of as a child. I made a solemn vow that if history would repeat (and Neil said: it doesn’t), I wouldn’t miss my chance, but eh, I forgot about it until just now.

Remember, don’t dream it’s over. Until the next one. Bring on the final, final, final farewell in 2036.


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